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Methadone withdrawl

After being on suboxone ( 4 days , was on methadone for many years , was down to 10 mg)
I realized all the symptoms I was having: anxiety, fast heartbeat, insomnia, crying, chills, muscle aches, runny nose, irritated
Was actually methadone w/d.. I thought it was sub side affects so I cut my dose to 1film second day then third dose 1/4 of film.
I honestly felt like I was going to have a heart attack... ( I think I was having an anxiety attack)
After getting no advice from doctors office ( my doctor was out of office until Monday) I called my pharmacist and he made me calm down and realize it was probably W/d from methadone.plus I was taking enough suboxone .
I also took last night a 1/2 clonadine and slept most of the night...
so I will continue to use suboxone for now and try to stay calm... until I see doctor anyways..
maybe the methadone w/d was so bad cause I was on it for many years? Ugh it was horrible!!!!!
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Yeah it was still in your receptors and they should have given you Subutex they made a big mistake there.
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Be very careful in what your doing.  Suboxone withdrawal is just as bad as methadone w/d, depending on how long you take it.  Am I understanding correctly that you stopped the methadone at 10mg and switched over to the subs?  What dose did the dr start you at with the subs.....did they dose you in office to see where you needed to be to get relief?
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