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My Dr. is discharging me with no explination.

I take 12mg suboxone and 2mg klonopin daily.

I called my pharmacy and had them send over a refill request. A few days later I went to pick that up. They told me they had nothing. I went to my Dr.’s office and they said they surely sent it over. Back to the pharmacy, got a 3rd no and returned to my Dr. Very loudly in front of patients the nurse asked “Well, what medication is it?”
I was shocked, I felt that was a private thing and Slowly said the med hoping she could read my lips. With much frustration she lead me back to her office and told me that I need to do a better job getting my own meds. I was shocked again. I responded
“If there was something I could do, I would have done that, I don’t even want to be here bothering you, I thought the medication would be ready.”
She turned red in the face and called the pharmacy, the pharmacy first confirmed they did not have it and she insisted they did. I sat quietly for about 4 minutes while they spoke. She got off the phone, and told me that they do have it and have had it this whole time. She even apologized and said she was having a rough day, it was 9:00am. I responded that it’s ok, we all have rough days. I told her I liked the music she was playing and said have a blessed day. I then went to the pharmacy and picked up my medication.

The next day I received a call stating that I am being discharged as a patient. Someone  stoically told me that I had shown signs of aggression. She admitted that no one witnessed this, Yet a Dr. overheard the conversation with myself and the lady helping me. I was baffled, I knew I did not yell or get angry or accusatory. In fact it was her that was upset with me for being there.

Today I got another phone call confirming their decision to abandon my care. They admitted they had no concrete evidence of anything I had done wrong but we’re moving forward with the discharge. I asked them what the lady said happened, her side. They told me they did not speak with her!

So the only person that could shed light on the situation was not approached before they discharged me. Now the head office manager/Dr. went on vacation and I’ll get another response in a few days. I know they can’t take me back at this point. It would be an embarrassment for them.

I believe this is malpractice. To take on a patient, prescribe the medications that cannot be stopped immediately and require and methodical taper regiment. This does however give me a reason to quit and try and keep my job as I work 45-50hrs weekly. I don’t get food stamps or welfare. I think that should be used for people who from birth, or major events prevent them from working. Anyway, what can I do? What would you do?

They made me sign a paper stating I’d never sue them when I was first taken in.  I’m heartbroken to be rejected for no reason.
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How long have you been with them?  Do they have a HR person there?
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How long have you been in the suboxone?

Are you prescribed it for opiate maintenance or pain?

Is the same doctor prescribing suboxone & klonopin?
They are both respiratory & central nervous system depressants.
could be fatal when mixed.
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