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October Roll Call

It's that time of the month to brag about your clean time everyone. Even if you on suboxone or methadone and not abusing drugs, feel free to give your clean time. I am battling cravings lately and hoping they pass soon, but am 83 days clean. I can't even remember the last time I used my DOC, getting close to a year I think from cocaine:). I can't remember and that is a good thing. I don't miss those days at all!!! Congrats to everyone, even if your a day clean, that is a start:) BRAG AWAY!
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Lisa - 5 days clean...doing good, for now.
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491 days for me today. No fentanyl and no other drugs either.  
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1 year and 1 week for me :) Congrats Giz on almost a year and 83 days no drink.. Hope the cravings lift soon as we all know what a b!tch they are.. hugs lesa
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528 days here.

Gizzy, get to a meeting!!  You are stronger than these cravings my friend.  Try and figure out what has got you in the craving mode.  Make a list of all the things you are grateful for....that always helps me.                 mp
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Today is day 37 for me. Hope it gets easier! I also am battling the cravings. Seems like every other week i get the cravings bad.
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day 17 here (i think) lol

Still going strong!
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128 days

I dont know what it is, but since day one I have had no cravings at all...  just total desire to be free, and now enjoying life better than ever.

I am wondering if its shell shock from the methadone wd's
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28 days, I get the crave and I go to meetings everyday. It helps but even know I  remember the WD, the SH!T I lost and FU, my addiction makes me forget I have an addiction. Then I double check my bank account and then it all comes back. I may be new to being clean but going to meetings makes me remember why I hope to GOD I don't go back. I am a machine and once you put fuel in this baby it don't stop.
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109 days free of oxazepam!!!
Life is sooooo much better without benzos :)

Congrats to all of you!!!

xoxoxo. sophie.
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4 1/2 months here....Congrats to everyone who is clean or trying to get clean!!!
   Its a hard battle but sooo worth it !!
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21 days here ... I seem to have sweated blood for every dam* minute of that too.

Well done everyone, don't ever give in.
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104 days!!! Still struggling some with anxiety and depression but much much better than the first month... Congrats to all of you!!
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I have been clean since March 12th 2009    I am on methadone but do not abuse it and do not do anything else.  I have never been more free in my life!!!!!!

My boyfriend (tony) is on day 11 of cold turkey from a perc habbit for the last seven or eight years.   I am so proud of him!!!!  He is my hero!!!!!

Congrats to everyone!!!!!!!!!!

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15 days here, congrats everybody!
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186 days clean from my DOC!!! CONGRATS ALL on your clean time!!! Stay strong everyone!!! Thank you all for your support, and thank you to Gizzy for listening to "grandma" ramble,lol!! Love ya Gizzy!! Hang in there everyone!! WE ROCK!!!

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43 days clean from alcohol and codeine,Alcohol abuse was 32yrs,Codeine abuse was 20 yrs.I now have liver damage!
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um like 5 hrs? does that count for anything?

congrats everyone.
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wow, I can join the group, three days clean (note to self stay clean so you can put your name on next months list)
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Eight days - and eight sleepless nights...

Cassie - 5 hrs is better than 0!  Turn it to 10 than 15 etc... Good luck and keep posting.
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13 days here! Congrats to everyone here and stay strong. Thank you all for posting when you have, it has been a life saver for me.
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25 days clean opiates and 25 years no alcohol. All very strange. With alcohol I knew I could never have another drink too easy to get too socially ok. But opiates, a love affair that went on and on.
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Congrats to everyone, it helps so much reading all these clean days, Ya'll rock:)
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hello all and congrats to everyone, stay strong and keep on keeping on.
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Hi all ! I have 48 days clean and starting to fell pretty dang good . Congrats Gizzy my friend ... Jim
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