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One Day At A Time

During the first few weeks of being clean I was so worn down and beaten up I felt doomed. I just kept thinking how can I go through life without using and the cravings I was having were so intense I knew I could not fight like that forever. I heard to take it one day at a time even though I thought that was bull ****, but now I understand. I started to notice that after each rough spell I had, I would wake up the next day feeling good about myself because I fought to stay clean. It seemed like after every craving I got through I gained strength and that gave fuel to my recovery. I started to feel good about myself and my body and mind slowly healed.

For those of you in early recovery clinging to hope and unsure of yourself, stick to your plan, get through the rough days and get support. It's ok to be weak, but weak is not an excuse to use. Take it day by day and when that moment happens when you first realize your gonna make it, it will be a moment of joy and satisfaction. Recovery takes time and some seem to think after w/d's they should be back to normal, it does not work like that. I guess this post is not a question, but I see so many people relapse here shortly after w/d's and continue the cycle just as I did and it's so painful. I have been on here over a year now and I remember some veterans here were so frustrated at first when they got clean, but today they post how great they feel and how life is so much better. We are living proof it can be done and life is 100x better without drugs. Take it one day at a time at first and you will see what I am talking about. After a while it will no longer be one day at a time because once our addiction knows we are stronger it won't fight us everyday cause we have learned to kick it's ***. ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!
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Once again gizzy great post.......I remember them telling me that wd was the easy part and i thought they were nuts but i figured they must know what they are talking about and they did!!!  Our bodies take awhile to recover from all the abuse we put it thru.  We just cant stress enough that the mental game is the toughest......not the wd's.  It is one day at a time and sometimes it is one minute, one second at a time.  That is why aftercare is sooooooo important.  We have to learn to change up our behaviors, deal with the pain in our lives but first we have to surrender and realize we are completely powerless over this.  We all hold the key that unlocks the chains that bind us.......Life is good now...........sara
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Thank you so much for this post. You posted on mine earlier today.  And I have decided not to take anything today. And i will take it one day at a time.....And i know i will get thur this.Thank you for all your help and support.
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That one gave me goose bumps  ;) I'm 14 days clean and I already see so many things that I missed.. yes it is hard to say that ultimate bye and realize you're never going to have that feeling again,, but once you get that first "real" high made by our bodies,,, it gives you a taste of what is yet to come..

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Thanks for that. I really needed to hear it.

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One day at a Time may seem so clichéd but it is so true.  In the beginning, minutes seem like hours, and days would never end.  We get lost in our own little hell and have trouble seeing the reason for quitting, this thought though means your moving in the right direction, we always question what we don't understand and clarity is usually the last thing we get back.  The more days you get behind you of being clean the more your challenges seem like victories and those old questions seem so easy to answer.....  One day at a Time, has there ever been 5 more powerful words when strung together make us accomplish so much? Good post Gizzy....

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Amen.  This is the fight, surrender, of our lives.  There is so much love and support here, starting with you gizzy, which is stronger than any desire to use, than the pull of addiction, faulty thinking, fear, emptiness, lonliness.  the strength and unconditional love here keeps us connected to the Higher Power-Love, understanding.  Today I am feeling the hope I can do this, after 15 years of a relapse and soul-sickness and too much tv , settling for less, and not living fully. as my real self, joyous and free.  Today I can  feel a way out,  I am so greatful and hope to help anyone else who wants it...Love and Peace
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15 years is a long relapse, lol. Ok not that funny, but I am happy to hear your feeling the hope, it's never too late. You are down to .5 now right? How long till you finished with the taper? I am glad you found this site, I can tell you have a lot of good advice to give. Your almost free now:)
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gizzy you are amazing and your posts always give me strength!!  i am 23 days clean now and come to this site daily for support.  

thanks :)

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you da man dawg!  anymore books to recommend? hey! where's my bouquet? 2week anniversary baby!
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I do not read many books, i can probably count them on my hand, lol but one of my exes gave me a book after I broke up with her a few years back and I ended up going back with her for a bit after reading it, lmao. The book is called the celestine prophecy and although its' kinda corny, there are some great messages in it. A lot of it has to do with how we all give off energy and a better path to inner peace. I actually read it twice. Some might not like it, but I thought it was well written.
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it's sitting in my bedside table and has been for years. yeah it's corny but it's cool too, like the secret, but greener.
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