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Overdose death ended suicide

My family received a final decision on my sisters overdose.  Her cause of death was suicide.  Why would the corner rule that as she was found hovering over the tolilet trying to trow up all her Roxie's.  She was on an all night drinking binge and mixing xanaxes oxies and who knows what else.  It's another reminder of addictions ending.  This news makes me feel overwhelming sad.  Sometimes I feel so lonely now.  It's a raw emotion.  

Let's all fight another day to stay clean and sober.  Let's remind ourselves and learn from her.  Please, keep fighting and staying strong.  Use a higher power and prayer, attraction by positive thoughts and actions.  Remind yourself how much you are worth to yourself and others.  You are worth the fight.  Be victorious today.
Say the serenity prayer, stay strong and supportive....
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Aw hun, so sorry for the sad news. Two years ago my aunt was found in her home, she had died from an overdose of Percocet, she also had alcohol in her system. Her throat was so relaxed that she choked while trying to eat something. She died alone, and that kills me. I understand your grief. It strikes me as odd that the coroner would rule it a suicide?? They also ruled my aunts death a suicide, I don't agree with it, but have learned to accept it. I hope your days get better, and wish you well. Sending prayers your way..,
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I am SO SORRY!! It's heartbreaking! Thank you for sharing!

I too lost my brother in law to a Methadone overdose 9 years ago! It's really hard for me to talk about so all I will say is that I know how you feel:(.... Not one single day goes by that I don't think of him!

Not only did he turn out to be my brother in law but ironically, we were raised growing up together as childhood friends ( my Husband is much older than him ).... So, he was more like my brother!

I know your pain and I am sorry! Kind of speechless but I hope others learn from such experiences bc you just really don't know your true limits!
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I'm so sorry about this bama; it has to be horrible for you.  I wonder how the ME can tell the difference between an accidental overdose and suicide. Could it be the amount and combination of drugs?  Regardless, she's gone and it's very sad for the folks she left behind.  I'm thinking of you and all the sadness around here lately...xo
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So sorry Bama sending prayers andbhioe you find the strength to get through, Sean
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Sorry bama.That is so sad. Perhaps the coroner considered the fight and her leaving home, then excessive amounts of drugs. I loved your post though and if her story inspires others is my prayer. You have handled your grief with grace and sobriety in tact. You should be proud. We are.
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I read this earlier and have thought about it for awhile.  I hope my wording comes out right here.  I am wondering if the coroner determined that by all the chemicals found in her.  When you think about our using days we were committing a slow suicide every time we took another pill or drink.  We ingested alot of drugs on a daily basis by our own doing.   For those of us still here we were the lucky ones as we made it out alive.   I am hoping that made some sort of sense.

I hope you are working thru your grief bama.  I cant even begin to imagine what you are going thru.  Stay close to those that support you and keep reaching out.  Hugs to you~
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Hi sweetie:

I feel for you.  As someone who has sold life insurance for the past 16 years and had to help process many death claims for policyholders, I can tell you that few times (only a few, but they still count) I have seen Medical Examiner's make what I, and many folks thought were erroneous conclusions on the final medical report.  

My own mother in law died of ovarian cancer, and yet her death certificate lists something else that she didn't have.   I have a friend whose husband died of an accidental overdose and his death was also ruled a suicide.  She couldn't collect the face amount of any of his life insurance policies; it was heartbreaking.

I'm really sorry about this.  It must re-open the would all over again (as if it would ever heal anyways.)

My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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Bama, even though I'm just in day 2 of WD, I am sorry to hear of your loss in such a way. I lost 2 cousins, brothers in fact, a year ago to this very thing. I am offering prayers and best wishes for you and your family at this time. Take care. Bonnie
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Hey Bama  so sorry to here this  but I know for a fact that my pill abuse got so out of hand that a daily dose would have looked like a suaside attempt  I was very luck on all 3 of my overdoses  some one was there each time to get me to the er and it saved my life  only you know in your heart if it was that  and it may just look that way to a medical examiner because they dont understand tolerance we will keep you in our prayers  dont let this put a snag in your grieving
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Hi Bama..I too am so sorry for your Grief. My Prayers go out to all of the Family.

Again, you put up such a inspirational post but under some hardship.

When I had lost most of my Family in such a short time, all at once, I found Grieving Groups to be very helpful. Even after a little over a Yr, they still call for me to start a new one for those who have some time in. It is hard for all to have such losses when we are in Recovery or Not. Addicts tend to run and hide under some kind of Substance..Be SAFE and stay Strong! Hugs to YOU!
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I am so sorry for all your pain bama.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss, bama.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Every time I read something like this I think there but for the grace of God go I.  Please take care.  Hugs!
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I'm so sorry for your loss,regardless of what the coroner said,she's gone and I'm so sorry for that. I wait for that call on a daily basis for my younger sister. I hope it never comes but when they put all this stuff in their systems it's in gods hands. may god be with you and your loved ones to get through this tragic time! ❤️❤️
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