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Ok so im now detoxing off 40+norco 10/325 a day. I lasted 2 days going cold Turkey then had to Go see a Detox Specialist he put me on suboxin and im already tapering off I kno it can b worse then wat im battling now Iv done my research then went and saw a mental health doc to help get me somthing to help with my high Anxiety and Depression im seriously Soooo Happy I Can Say im Clean And have Been for almost 11 days Now it hasnt ben Easy at all but I agot thru it I havent been clean off Heroin and Norcos for over 3 yrs im not ur typical junkie por say I am obly 24 yrs old iv served 3 q/2 yrs in tge U.S Army I suffer from ptsd no excuse plus have 6 slipd disks in lower back No excuse thats were it all started mas amounts of deppression and pain then to give me a false happynesss that always ran short then left again at rock bottem searching everyway to get more it controled my life my thoughts my dreams me it sucked.. I New it was bad and I needed help but wss ashamed of myself and embarrised of wat I became  I hated that rock bottem I was more familiar with then happynes andat my all time high nope.. I found this site on day 1 BEST THING I EVER di that niggt I Wanted To Take my Life. I had a few ppl message me not knowing im min away frm ending it all . I boleave at that min GOD SENT  a few ppl who I do not kbo talk to me comfort me let me kno it will b ok. The next day is whenbi began my journey in Sobriety 10days ago and counting apeople I kno what ur going thru and u have to understand ur not a junkie ur a human veing with an illness that anyone can have such as myself dont make u any diff just look at it like the next few days is a very bad cold try to sleeep as much as possably  and eat and hydrate you can do this you can and u wil ur strong and u kno it u the man with the plan hang in the hope my story helps. Ill continue posting as I go along my journey Thx for taking the time and have a blessed day YOU CAN DO THIS AND U WILL. U R THE MAN BROTHER
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great post!  Love the white key tag pic!  So proud of you!  congrats on 10 days off Norco!  Just keep your eye on the prize and safely taper off the subs as soon as you can.  You have alot going for you and you will have a GREAT life!  I have a soft spot in my heart for the military and also my son has the same name as yours...lol  Keep going hon...you got this!!  :))  
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Congrats on almost 11 days, Shane!!!!!

What an precious gift you are giving to yourself (FREEDOM).....you are at an amazing age in your life  (I loved being 24...LOL)  You are obviously participating in aftercare (your pic on this post) and you have a full life ahead of you!

Hope you changed your playmates and playgrounds.....recovery friends are the bomb!!!  Same goals, no need to explain addiction, all learning coping/life skills w/o drugs......I wish you well....keep posting and let us know how you're doing as you move forward, ok?
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Great Job so far!!!!! Yes it is a disease and like others we can not do this alone. Support is a big key that fits right in to this door. It does take some time to balance the brain & body back. However the picture is not complete for me unless I have the mental balanced then the physical and first and the most "important" is my spiritual being. With all 3 in place no matter what it takes do do this, this is so worth it in the long run. Positive attitude will help too. BUT always know it is a WE thing not a ME thing. Hope that you are getting that outside Support. Just Be Safe and always keep your Guard Up at all times because Life can surely throw you some curve balls along the way. Good Luck on this Journey toward and upward in your Recovery.
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Congratulations.  Keep up with your aftercare and you'll be fine.  And thank you for your service.  God Bless.
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Amazing! So happy to see you doing well! Continue this great pride u have in your new found sobriety and know that your posts are helping so many other ppl in similar situations! Xoxo
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I love it!!!  I love it!!!   you are the man!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) Gr8 post Bro!!!!
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I'm so happy your doing so well :) such a great inspiration to so many....day 10 is a big feat my friend. Keep posting. I look forward to going thru this journey with you. I'm on day 24, I'm still having a tough time feeling good....but I'm feeling something and that's pretty impressive :) hugs...keep up the great work!!!!
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16 days clean my friends and im feeling so good about myself I seriously feel so Strong and have had Very little Cravings I dont wana get high anymore i kno its still realy new and early in my sobriety but I feel iv come this far and thought id never lasted this long good is great live is wonderful and my friend YOU ALL ARE AMAZING. .
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What is a typical junkie?
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Congrats on 16 days, Shane.  How's the sub taper going? Sounds like your new freedom is bring you lots of joy.....having a plan is GREAT!
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Thx ya the taper has been a lil bumpy but each day gets easyer im in Control of my life again and it feels amazing happyness is a choice ..  staying posative. Thx tho I hope you r doing good and r staying strong smile.
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Aren't you on Suboxone?
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Ya iv been on for 14 days started on 2 full pills and as of now im taking a quarter of a pill im gunna cut off in the next couple days my doc wants me on for a month or 2  I feel I dont need that long that I will only become dependent on it so I choise to taper right away im seriously wanting sobriety iv battled to long im happy and very proud of my self
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