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Should you stop taking your antidepressant when tapering off tramadol??

I say taper off your antidepresant.
I was told to stop taking my antidepressant because I may get an overdose of seretonin.  Otherwise know as Seritonin Syndrome.  I stopped CT and have been tapering off tramadol for 2 weeks.  I would not recommend to anyone to stop their antidepressant CT.  Here's what an article said about stopping an antidepressant suddenly.

"If you decide to stop taking antidepressants, it’s essential to taper off slowly. If you stop abruptly, you may experience a number of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as crying spells, extreme restlessness, dizziness, fatigue, and aches and pains. These withdrawal symptoms are known as antidepressant discontinuation syndrome. Antidepressant discontinuation syndrome is especially common when you stop taking Paxil or Zoloft. However, all medications for depression can cause withdrawal symptoms."

I am one of the unfortunate ones who take zoloft, so it especially requires a taper.  Today, I suffered a set back and a kind of emotional breakdown.  I was crying and had scary thoughts.   I've been crying more and more leading up to this, expecially in the evening when the wd symptoms came the hardest.

Unfortunately, I relapsed as well.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  I figured it was a combination of not taking my antidepressant, and wd too quickly off my tramadol.  Tomorrow I will get back to my routine.  I am going to start taking my antidessant again.  I think I really need it.

A thoughtful warning for anyone who maybe more reliant on there antidepressant medication than others.

Not to say, I was informed incorrectly.  It may have saved my life.  Once I cut out the zoloft my involuntary twitches stopped.  I just don't think I should have been off of it that long and should of been more informed that a wd from it does happed.  Perhaps by the time I got down to 12 pills /day, (for me personally) I should have started taking half of my regular dose at least to get some in my system.

I was getting very dizzy and in a fog.  some here have had that symptom and some have not.  It is a wd symp. for both tramadol and zoloft.  I got a double wammy.

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Really what would make the most sense if you are on high doses of tramadol would be to stop the antidepressant and then when you begin to taper down the tramadol to slowly titrate back onto the antidepressant so as to avoid withdrawal from BOTH types of substances. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you. And of couse you should seek the advice of you physician before taking any action on your own.

God Bless....

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im confused...when you were on your full high dose of tramadol, you were taking your zoloft regularly? that is when the seratonin syndrome could have happened...when you were on high doses of both drugs at the same time...but since you are tapering down the tramadol,  i would think your chances of SS would decrease greatly and that you wouold need your zoloft now more than ever to avoid a severe depression crash?
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I agree with trouble...it is better to taper off the tramadol and maintain the zoloft.You need it now because you are decreasing the tramadol and losing some of the antidepressant effect of tramadol.Coming off tramadol is like coming off an antidepressant in fact the antidepressant effect of tramadol is like effexor which is the hardest antidepressant to stop.
These drugs should not be combined in the first place and taking high doses of both can cause serotonin syndrome
Obviously you have been taking both,but cut back on the tramadol and keep the zoloft.
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If any of you read another post of mine about someone asking about the antidepressant effect of tramadol, i stated that tramadols closest chemical relative was Effexor albeit the synthetic opiate component. So combining your Zoloft with high doses of tramadol is probably not a great idea and yes, would great increase your chances of serotonin syndrome. With that in mind you will feel much better starting your Zoloft or increasing it as your are tapering off the tramadol. Be careful, and of course like i said, this is best done under the supervision of your doctor. You should always consult with your care provider before making any changes in your medications, for your safety. Take care and God Bless......

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ok how much tram are you on now when you get down to a low dose for tramadol then you can go back on your AD they will help lot because your  is Seritonin  to crash but you want to get down to a very low dose before you take an AD.Have you discussed this at ll with a doctor did they same doctor put you on both?

Now if you are off the tram alltogether you are fine to go back on your AD it will help you feel better
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