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Subutec withdrawals on other pain meds?

I am 33 weeks pregnant.  I was on Suboxone for 3 years before I got pregnant, now I've been on Subutec for the last few months.  I am down to 4 mgs a day.  I am having this baby via C-section.  My question is:  after I have the  baby and I am on opiate painkillers from the c-section will I experience withdrawals from the subutec?  Or will the opiate painkillers cancel out the w/d?  I do plan to go back on the sub after I don't need the pain meds anymore and tapering down from there, but I'm worried about having withdrawals.  I know the pain meds will work because a few weeks ago I hurt my back and they gave me 1 tylenol 3 and it worked just fine.  I've read up on all the other things about having a baby while on sub, it's just the withdrawals that worry me.  Thanks
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I am in the same boat but I am being put on suboxone today and I am 27weeks preggo.  He said it would help with withdrawel - I am also having a C-Section.  So I have the same worries as you.  I am in a state of withdrawel now from percocet and dr said it would help.  
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If you are put on opiate pain killers than it will cancel out the withdrawals. As long as you are replacing one opioid with another than you always have it in your system and your body will not experience detox since it is now dependent on these drugs.  It does have to be the adequate amount of course to cancel out the sub in your system whatever that is, but 4mg a day is not that much so hopefully you wont have too much of a problem.

Good luck with your deliveries and your babies, I hope all goes well!!  I know too well of pregnancy, addiction and withdrawal...I dare never talked about it on this forum though.  I noticed many people were judgemental and unaccepting.  Perhaps there is a Pregnancy and addiction forum on here now.....No offense to any members, I know it's a sensitve subject for a lot of people.  But I am totally willing to share and talk experiences with any mothers to be.  
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Thanks Sonny :)  I'm on a forum at babycenter but I would never tell them about the addiction, it would spawn way too much judgement, so I'm glad I could come here and ask.  You did make me feel a lot better about it, I'm worried about caring for a newborn while in the hospital and being in withdrawal.  So, thanks for your help :)
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