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There's strength in numbers! Join us!

As Slneedshelp just posted, a couple of us are going CT at midnight-Feb 1. Anyone who's been thinking about stopping, here's the chance for us to make a strong statement. Lots of mutual support here; even in the night when it's dark and we all feel alone. Join us for a clean Feb. Groundhog Day will signify more than the end of winter!
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I am so excited for you and so happy you have a partner to do this with!!!  You CAN do it and we will all be here for you!!!  COngrats on your decision to quit and congrats on day one!!!  Keep on posting!!!
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Hey there...And welcome to our group. I know that you all can do this!  Just throw away any DOC pills you have. That's what I did. Have nothing around to temp you. And just jump!! It's all good. And if you need anything or advice, you have come to the right place. The support I have received these last 4 days has amazed me! This is a great group that will  help you!! Yes Cricket is right, keep on posting, and posting, until you feel a little better. That's what I do. I cry out for help all day long, and it really helps. Don't be ashamed ever!!
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