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Anyone know anything about Trintellex?  This is the new antidepressant my doctor has me on.  I went yesterday and told her that she MUST do something before I lose my mind.  I constantly think death would be better than living this way forever.  I am NOT suicidal.  I just think about not being alive versus living this hell.  I am NOT going to hurt myself. Anyway if anyone knows anything about Trintellex let me know.  I am also taking Lamictal and Pamelor.  occasional xanax for severe anxiety and shortness of breath.  I am no longer taking Geodon and Clonidine.  I am still feeling EXTREMELY sad.  Especially in the mornings. I have to FORCE myslef out of bed and talk myself into living the day.  My family doesnt really understand.  My husband is supportive of the depression but not substance abuse.  He said if I ever do it again he will DEFINITELY leave me, which is a good reason not to. Sorry to be such a downer.  I pray every day for God to lift this awful feeling.
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Trintellex (Vortioxetine) is fairly similar to all of the other SSRI's but works a bit differently. In addition to preventing the reuptake of serotonin, it also acts directly on certain serotonin receptors in the brain (it's farily complicated and way beyond the scope of this message board) It is often grouped in with the other SSRIs, which it almost technically is, but is usually refered to as an 'atypical antidepressant' or serotonin modulator. I don't have any personal experience with it, btw. Although we are all different, it has certainly been successful for some people.

Just a heads up, since it is available as brand name only, it is going to be more expensive. Hopefully if you have good insurance, they will cover the bulk of it. If not you might consider searching online for some kind of coupon, or possibly ask your MD or even the pharmacist about a finding a coupon. Best of luck!
Thank you!  My doc gave me some samples.  i never thought of the insurance not covering.  I better check before i start taking it.  
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also in your opinion does clonidine cause shortness of breath or is it anxiety :(
Hard to say for sure. I'm not a doctor and obviously couldn't make a diagnosis, but if I had to make a 'guess', I'd say that anxiety would be
the more likely culprit, especially since you have been off the clonidine for a little while now. I'm sure it's gotta be frustrating to have to deal with. Hope you and your doc are able to figure it out soon!
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I am on month 2 of Trintellex.
I did 5 months on paxil, 1 month of hard detox...most gawd aweful stuff that ever existed.. anyway back to trintellex.
With paxil everything was gray, I could not cry, I could not get angry, happy did not exist..just a straight line.
This far, my depression is still there but I am able to evaluate the sadness and find a positive way to cope. My the mania is a lot easier to control too.. my ptsd it still hits on occasion, nothing like the past, anxiety is better, agoraphobia it is gone.
I had a few headaches in the beginning, nausea too. So I started taking it at night. So I can sleep through it.
I no longer have the desire to binge that includes drinking, meth, coke,pills things that I was doing to escape from myself and my neurological hell. I still smoke grass but it helps too.
I hope this has helped you.
I wish you many blessings on your journey to postive mental health
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