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Using again... ugh...

Well I've been staying away out of shame.  I've been using again.  Got the dental work done and fell off.  Been sneaking 10mg lortabs.  One or 2 a day.  managed to keep it at that level.  Came clean with the wife so she would hide them better.  Right now I'm just sick of myself and getting clean... again... ughhh...  This was a difficult thing to write.  I'll be back around later.
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God Bless You!! It took real courage to admit your relapse. You are doing the right thing though by cleaning up again. I'll keep you in my prayers.
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Thanks.  I've been dwelling on it all day and I feel more ashamed every minute.  I had 6 good solid clean months.  I had even put the anxiety behind me.  I guess I started to feel "normal" again.  I don't know.  One more time up off the mat I guess.  
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The way that you feel shows you want to do this...it's a horrible pit to be in, we know, but pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Try and remember, you are human...oh yeah..human..it's a process. Only know a couple that have not relapsed, a couple out of how many do you see on here..that's a pretty good ratio when you think about it.

Been on and off the wagon too many times to count myself, but have been in your 'shameful' state of mind before and it's not fun.

Hang in there, just wanted you to know...been there, done that.
Best Wishes,
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