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When can I make the jump off methadone?

Hi, I've been on methadone for an opiate addiction after a spinal fusion. I thought it would be easier for me than chasing pills and going to different doctors. The highest I ever went was 60 mg's but I went back to 35 mgs bc I instantly gained weight and had hormonal issues (PCOS). The methadone helped me off pills but, I want off! It's been a year and a half, I've gained 40 lbs. My doctor thinks I'm strong, and wants me off this as well. He has me going down 1 mg a day, I know it's fast but he said that I never went that high. I'm just really scared right now, I want my life back - my brain and body to be normal. My relationships have suffered bc all I want to do is sit at home and watch tv. I just turned 35. Never been on here before, but I just wanted to reach out. Feeling really scared and alone. Thanks for reading!
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Hello and welcome. One mg a day is a very, very fast taper. It is best to let your body adjust to each drop and then drop again.  It could take a few days before you even feel the difference when you drop down.
How many mgs are you at now?
How are you feeling?

Be sure to eat lean proteins, veggies and fruit.
Stay away fom sugars and processed foods.
Stay well hydrated. Lots of water.
Drinking protein shakes is a good thing.
Take vitamins, magnesium, b complex. Multi.
You can drink emergen c.
Exercise, walk, swim.
Keep the faith.
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I, too am tapering off done. Only got to 75 mg, but my memory is shot and im so tired of going so often to the clinic.
I go down 5mg a week and am fine so far..im down to 45mg. I hear u begin to feel it at 20, so may go down to 5mg a week. Post how u r feeling. I like having someone else going thru it with me
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I had to use short acting opiates to get off methadone, but that's just me maybe. The muscle pain from methadone withdrawl was too much for me.
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Hi and welcome to the forum....well im a recovering methadone addict and getting off this drug will change your life I agree you need to do a slow taper 1mg a day is way to fast this is a race one by the toruts not the hare....we have several members like myself who have kicked this drug your not alone in this just take your time and the withdrawal can be  managed please feel free to ask questions we can walk you threw the whole process
i have a bad back and have been on methedone 40 mgs aday and hydrocodone 40 mgs aday for 5 years now.i get these from a pain Dr.but they have so afected my life. and i have heard bad stories about the methedone and know from running out it can be a nightmare. but i want to taper off will get the hydros out of the way the start on the methedones.can anyone that has been through this are going through this tell me the best way to start and what all i can do to help myself with this.i know it will be a long hard process but very eager to do this .Thanks for any help.
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