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When to start Subutex :-/

I'm just wanting advice on when to start taking Subutex I know I have to feel rubbish before hand but I'm just wondering what's worked for others I mean should I fin the heroin in the day and start taking the subs later in the day when I feel I need to OR should I wait till I go to bed and wake up feeling rubbish then start taking them?  Also I'm wondering how long after taking the subutex would it be ok to have a last bit of heroin I'm just thinking if I do this it will ease the first day of withdrawals then on the second day just stick to taking Subutex and NO heroin whatsoever. Also should I begin with the 8mg Sub at first or a lower dose and see how I feel after that??  Any feedback on my post is greatly appreciated.. I just want to be back on my tablets now but it's such a struggle to take that tablet but I'm determined now I have to and really want to :-)
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Oh, girl. I know people have posted to you before but you don't seem to answer. Listen, you need to get help. You are trying to fix the minutiae but not the problem. Get into meetings, or rehab or talk to an addiction counselor. You just keep substituting. That's not going to help you. Please listen to those who've come before you. We all want to see you succeed and live a clean life.
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Hi and don't I... I have answered when I've been on and looked back at my own posts.  I don't get notifications tho I don't know why.  I'll look back on my posts now Thanks.
And i don't have the funds for rehab and I guess I think talking to a key worker wont help as I'm on my own wheb I go then on my own when I leave.  Meaning I have to sort out my thoughts and feeling to deter me from scoring like I do. Thanks for your reply to me.
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Have to agree with jifmoc.  You're asking the wrong questions.  And any thoughts of using a bit more etc are just indications that you're gonna keep using.  You have to do something different.  
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I just wanted to know what worked for it others  when starting to take subutex and what  time of day and also I'm not intending to keep using I'm jusr thinking of ways to ease the withdrawals on the first day or 2?-" as I'm around people who don't know I've relapsed :-/
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We are not allowed to give any type of medical detox information regarding when to go from subs from heroin.  I do know, if you take it too early, you will go into something that's called precipitated withdrawals and that would be very bad.  I'm also going to assume that your getting the subs off the street b/c the questions your asking a sub dr would have been able to answer for you.  We're not doctors on this site.....we're addicts.

Your Question - "What worked for us?"
Stopping the ever spinning circle of replacing one drug for another....quit EVERYTHING!  Detox, then get your *** into aftercare as soon as possible to help with those addict thoughts about scoring and the rush.  I guess I'm just gonna ask outright.....are you looking to get clean or just not get sick?  When your ready.....at your time.....we will ALL be here to help you detox and get into recovery of some type!  We've all been where you are right now....and had people tell us the same ****...some of us listened and some of us didn't.  You will see names on this site that pop up on occasion that are still trying to find a different way out....there's only one way.....
Hi and thanks for your comment.. and well I guess I'm just asking for other addicts experience using subutex really. And no I'm not getting my subs from the streets at all it is my own medication which is prescribed to me and I have these as wen I have relapsed I haven't been taking the subutex so now I am ready to get back on my subutex (finally) then I will be taking my own medication. And in response to your question the answer is I truley do want to get CLEAN and not have to wake up every day just having my mind on when/how I'm going to score for that day, it's the knowing I will feel utter sh*te that deters me from taking the tablets when it seems so much easier to score and feel normal.  But I'm sick of thinking that way now, I'm even in tears on my way home.. After i have been and scored because I'm tired of living this way now I have nit relapsed this length of time for a very long tine and I just want to get back on my tablets and have a normal so to speak daily routine/life you know. I don't have any support just my own stupid thoughts and feelings, I do try stay positive but when I'm first withdrawing I think so negative and the world is against me, it's awful thoughts which i believe and I shouldn't as it's not my true thinking I guess anyways.  I am planning on starting my subs tomorrow.. no I AM starting my subutex tomorrow, I will need them as soon as I wake up. Soo.. here goes..... :-/
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Doing it our way got us into this.  You said you didnt get the subs off the street so why cant you call the doctor and talk with them about this.  Do you have like NA in your area?  It is time to tell your secret as our secrets keep us sick.
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