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Where is the medhelp community?

What happened to this poor, amazing place?
So many used to congregate here to support each other, and now its but a shadow of its former self...saddens me
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I’ve answered this question in more detail, bit those posts were deleted, unfortunately. This one I made five years ago stayed up, so it must not have crossed any lines.

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I read your link Ben.  Yes, google rules the world apparently.  But if people came back and made an effort, the forum would be welcoming to new people who land and the good feelings and 'we're not alone' feelings would prevail within old and new members.  how do you think we can rebuild the community?  
Not only is Google the problem (in googling my question, it was the site at the top back in 2007) but also only a very few return to read their OP and the replies.  No one sends friend invites anymore (although you did, MJ), and unless you're in the know, no one knows about the return of the Friends Feed that can be found by hovering over My MedHelp.  The FF used to automatically run to the left of our notifications (which again, one finds when actually clicking on My MedHelp).  It was a great way to see what our friends were doing.  When it was brought back accessing it was different - as outlined above, except so many had left by then.  Thanks for sticking around, MJ.  You're very kind and helpful.  All of us 'old timers' can only do our best.  

p.s. Ben's post - yup!  
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They kept changing it, over moderating etc....I finally gave up. I started in 2007 and pretty much gave up around 2010. I pop in now about once every 2 years.....I started my own Doscord recovery server and have nearly 2,000 people. AND ITS STAYED THE SAME FOR 2 YEARS. Getting clean is hard, add in constant website changes and rules changing and moderator changes...it’s too much for your average person trying to stay clean IMHO.
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It’s sad, we had a great community!
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I started here in 2014..........highly addicted to drugs.  It's now 2020, I'm clean and it's partly due to this site.  When I think about how on the ball this site was when I first started, I realize it was actually a lifesaver.  I sat in my room for over 30 days......chain smoking out my bathroom window (b/c I couldn't go 10 steps away from the toilet!!).  Constantly posting and constantly getting responses of people telling me to stick it out, hang in there, you can do this!!!  Being able to talk to other addicts while in w/d was a necessity in my getting clean.

I check back here almost every day and see nothing posted from anyone looking for help?  It's seriously disappointing.  I will continue to check back and see what's going on but.......
I also noticed (and this is MY OPINION SO DON"T JUMP UP MY A**)....there's alot of advice on here now with removing one drug by using another.  There seems to be this need to have your withdrawal going as painless as possible by taking "comfort" meds while detoxing.  IMO..........I think that's the wrong way to go, but that's me.  So when I see a conversation going in that direction, I bail.  And honestly, those people that try getting off of one drug with another...........I usually don't see them come back on so.............

I agree with you ! Withdrawal has a Purpose at least it did for me !
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I became a member in 2007.  Greatgreebo, Avisg Dominosarah, Ben and finally Moyte51.  It's  great to see you all contributing to this thread, sad as it is.  I think Sara is the only one who knows me as I didn't post much here on SA.  

I was so naive to addiction back then.  I was more of a lurker those past yrs, but learned so much from all of you!  I can't tell y'all how much this community helped me to understand addiction and myself as well.  Not to mention 13 yrs of friends I made...some that came and went...others who I'm friends with to this day.  

I agree, Moyte51, this community is SO important!  It took me years to come to grips that it will never be the same.  I hope I'm wrong and the community will begin to be what it once was, but I'm not holding my breathe.

I remember when one couldn't even keep up with all the questions.  What a difference it is today.  

As CL's, we're not supposed to be negative, but the forum is what is is, now - who can argue with that?
Hi Jade !!! Wow this is different I think I have the new format figured out now
Avis!!!  Good to see you!!  Yeah, the format is different, but not that difficult.  
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I believe in using comfort meds while detoxing.  I don’t feel suffering is necessary to stay off drug of choice.   With that said the responses are the same usually From AA and NA.  I don’t believe in the 12 step way of getting off drugs.  Imo it’s cult like.  Not realistic and there isn’t more of a success rate going that route.  I’m not looking for conflict I just don’t come on here very much anymore.  The answers are old and tired.  Imo.  
If a didn’t have a recovery program I’d probably be dead . Using one drug to get off another is a slippery slope .
I hear ya Kelcoo...........12 step recovery isn't for everyone.  But in reading your post perhaps I see where maybe our goals are different.  I wasn't looking to stay off my drug of choice.  I was looking to get off ALL drugs (including alcohol).  Alot of addicts DOC is just "more";  mine was.  I guess what works for some doesn't work for others.....and if your clean, then you are doing right, no matter how you got there.  
No the goals are the same.  Staying off all drugs and alcohol.  I try not to use slogans from programs or from their books.  
So unique......
That kinda sounds snarky imo
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