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Will I withdraw after my last 1mg of Methadone?

I have been taking Methadone for about a year and a half now. The most I have ever gotten to was 60mg, but that was short-lived since I only stayed there for a couple weeks before starting to taper off. I got down to 35mg of Methadone after about 5 months of daily dosing. I was on 35mg for about 7 months before I decided I didn't want to be on any maintenance whatsoever anymore. Here's the story; I was a daily heroin user for about 4 years, before that I smoked percs (I know, stupid, stupid, stupid). I was faced with many charges, and then I was offered Drug Court, which I accepted. I bullshitted my way through DTC for a whole 3 months before I was incarcerated. I sat in one county jail for 4 days before I was transferred to another county jail for about two months, which was the extent of me sentence because I was finally able to go to a state funded rehab facility. The jail that I was at actually offered Methadone Maintenance, thank God. The kind Judge told me that my DTC counselor thought it necessary for me to start Methadone, and get to a "stable" dose before I was able to get out and go to rehab. A stable dose in jail is 30mg. They start you at 10mg, and by the time they start you, your symptoms are finally starting to waver. It took them 3 weeks to get me on the maintenance program, by that time I was finally starting to get sleep on my own, and I did everything I could to get to the 30mg mark so I could get the hell out of there. So here I am today, at 10mg of Methadone, and wondering what kind of withdrawal symptoms, if any, that I will experience. I have been tapering down 1mg a week since 20mg. Please advise!
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Hi and welcome to the forum.....well you havent been on it years  that is a big+ but you have been on it long enough for it to get its claws in you.........  as for jumping  where not aloud to give specific taper advise but we can be general....10 is a lot to jump from  the single digits are recommended  10mg of methadone is a lot more powerful then you think  just keep taking your time like you have been  for most there is no way around paying the ''pied piper'' and you will still experience withdrawal  some people mild but for most it can take a wile to pass  in a perfect world you get better in a month  for most it is a 60to90 day grind....keep posting here for support I have helped a lot of people break free from this hidious drug  feel free to ask questions  im a X/methadoniane
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Just curious how things are going.....
Since I'm in a similar situation. I was a daily heroin user when I started going to a daily methadone clinic. I topped off at 90 milligrams for the first 6 months. Then I started to "MSW" (medically supervised withdrawal) at 5 milligrams a week. I'll stalled it several times (insert unnecessary excuses) Thankfully tho I am currently at 10 milligrams today. It hasn't been fun that's for sure but I'll take this ride over cold turkey any day. Granted I don't have nearly any motivation to do anything the last several months like I did at 90. I'm hopeful for the future which can only have a better outcome than my past that's for sure.

Good luck to all getting off these "liquid handcuffs"
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