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a small step.

Im on my first day and i had an old friend get a hold of me today telling me she had just got a bunch of pain killers and invited me over to share them with her and i was very surpised that i actuly said no. I did tell her that im doing this. She did saport me on my choice. I am just very happy with myself that i actuly said no. Ive never said no. Just thought id share my small step
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Excellent!! You are in the right direction. You must delete all your "contacts." Hope you've done that:)
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That is very awesome indeed Just wanted to post and say Keep up the good work Life well be much better clean.
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Yes!!!!!!! I am shouting it!!! That is a HUGE Accomplishment! Be VERY proud of yourself! I am proud of you! Keep up the great work! One day at a time!
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Yeah i deleted everyone. And blocked there numbers. And thank you all. This site has been a big help. Everyone is so sapourtive
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That's no small step, that's HUGE!! So proud of you!!
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Day one rocked!  Congrats on your journey.  Cheering from the cheap seats!
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You rock! Be very proud of yourself that's a huge step.
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That is a HUGE step!!! Good for you, keep up the great work!!!  
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That is a HUGE step!!! Good for you, keep up the great work!!!  
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Huge step forward. Keep up the good work!!!
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