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fentynal withdrawll in second week

Hi. Everyone.
First time ever  posting anything, so please bear with me.
I have been on the fentenyl. Patch. 50 mcg every 48 for really bad pain from fibromyalgia and lupus for about 2 years and still having breakthrough pain. I have taken so many medications I got so depressed I quit the fent last.f week was he'll and I am so scared that it won't end. I go to the Er and all tdo is iv lost liquids. I can't.keep anything down and all they say is to see my pain md.   When I called a million times all I finally got was a appointment for 5 days from now.
All I want is to be a good mother but feel like I am going crazy. Help

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Dear Colleen, so it's been 7 days since you had the last patch?
  Besides the pain you suffer, what else is happening?   You need to stay very well hydrated.  Someone with more experience with the patch will post shortly. Hang in there.  Do you have Epsom salt for hot baths?  
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Yikes Colleen-
That is a crazy jump.  No wonder you feel like you are dying.  Opiate detox is he*& for sure but jumping off 50 mcg of Fentanyl is VERY extreme.  Do you have breakthrough meds left?  You need to switch to an oral opiate and wean to a jumpable place.  I did this- ended up jumping off of 100 mg of oxy and it was frigging awful but I lived to tell the tale and am so happy I did.  Really, if you can't get to your doctor go back to the ER and tell them what is up.  I have autoimmune illness as well and that is what led me down that road so I totally relate.  You will suffer in detox no matter what but honestly there is no reason to suffer this much.  You deserve support.  At the very least get some clonidine.  It's a BP med commonly used in opiate detox and will help immensely.  Please feel free to Pm me if you have more questions.  Wishing you some peace.
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I was on ONE fentanyl patch post cardiac surgery, had no idea what it was. When it wore off I went into grand mal siezure. Figured out in the ER I was having opiate withdrawal. I was on IV delaudid 10 days prior to being given the fentanyl for discharge. I had no idea what I was missing or that I was going through withdrawal. Felt like **** for a week
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