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how long

Ive been on pain pills for about 5 yrs and just recently decided to stop for many reasons i run a successfull car wash and detail center i work 7 days with no day off my question is im on day 3 of no pain pills and im doing somewhat ok i take xanax at night to sleep but how long will it take to feel normal again i know it takes awhile ive done this before and was clean for 3 years til taking a couple socially turned it into a problem again i congratulate all getting off this nasty roller coaster please help
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Congrats on getting off the pain meds!  Sounds like this isnt your first rodeo so you know the getting clean is the easy part, staying clean is the hard one.  Is the xanax prescribed for sleep?  There are other alternatives to this med which is very addictive too.  Did you do anything with aftercare during the 3 yrs you were clean?  Changing our playmates and playground is a must when it comes to this addiction.  Are you taking any supplements/vitamins?  That will help.  Make sure to drink plenty of fluids.  Being up and moving around is the best thing also and i see you must be doing that.  It's about time and patience during the wd process!
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Yea my phone has been ringing off the hook i wasnt a 123 at a time purchaser i was a 40 or 50 at a time of 10mg only so i have not answered im going off the tgomas recipe pretty much some minutes are better than others im just tired of.depending on these things to function i used to be outgoing and fun and now not so much i have kids i make.great money but im just tired of it stressing when im getting low to find more xanax is not prescribed i really hate them to be honest but they help with the sleep only purchased 3 of them thank you for taking the time to answer i know its months until. Ill be.normal but this patch of time is rough i hope its.over in 7 days
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Hello & Welcome to our Community!

Yep, the time frame depends on lots of things, like age, how long one has used, health issues and so forth. The physically is over way sooner then the mental. These type of meds changes both body and the chemical makeup of the brain. It is the brain chems that take time to adjust back after the removal of these meds. You did this before, so you can do it again. This time just know that we can not take just that "one"..The pleasure part of the brain, that is reasonable for survival, will remember
the pleasure and use every excuse to keep feeding it.

I would go out and pick up some emergen-c or the airborne powder vit/min. This way you can add this to water too. Staying hydrated is a must. I usually by very natural vit/min that have no additives or been broken down, but I think these are good to pick up during this time. They have some for the immune system support and some for electrolytes and other good ones. We have to replenish back what we have lost during our drug use. Pick up some Protein powder too. Protien & Amino-acids are great for the Brain. I have over 3 yrs clean and I still take my Magnesium & D3 at night for sleep. There are different types of Magnesium, so you have to so some homework. Mine is Relax-Mag and Muscle-Mag I get from Wellness Resources. As you should know, Music, Sun and Exercise help bring back up those "happy chems" too. Eating very Healthy will bring on the vit/min faster..Just be careful about anything that can cause a trigger. Maybe hits some of those AA/NA meetings or any kind of outside support. The detox is the easy part but staying clean is what takes the cake. YOU can do it!! Be here cheering you all the way..Do not forget about those Epsom salt baths. This is great for relaxing you and drawing out more toxins.  Recovery is a Day to Day Job. We need Support from others that have walked in our shoes. Keep checking your post, as others will chime in. Keep us updated too. I wish you the best and a BIG HIGH FIVE for stopping the insanity of it all, before it got way out of hand again.

Merry Christmas
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Ive been taking vitamins and just working my 10hrs a day which keeps my mind off of it im 39 close to 40 and im just ashamed to be in this situation after being clean for so many years before but i will try the emergen c but i feel it getting easier a little by little
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How are you feeling today??
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Not to bad at alli work in the sun so thats a plus and i have alot of.responsibility so that keeps my mind.off it most of the time now im home which is the easy part i took my bath and relaxing in bed but i will get thru for my kids and myself to be a better person at 3 pm tomorrow it will the 4th day one day at a time all my suppliers have been haunting me all day but im not answering some send text saying they have 200 percs and 50 over 100 over ther im one of there better customers buying at least 100 at a time butim not allowing myself to fall into that trap again
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First I would like to say that you sound good.

One of the biggest part of staying clean is to avoid our old playmates and stomping grounds where these can cause some big triggers. You need to block or delete those numbers or tell them you are DONE for good. One day you might have a Bad day and give in. The biggest part of Recovery is working it day by day. Are you going to get involved with any meetings like AA/NA?? This would be good, so you can have other recovering addicts to talk to. You can pick up the phone and call someone when your temptation is so out of control. It is not easy at all not think about getting your mind altered now & then when life gets hard, but it is so worth staying clean & sober in the long run. Life is tooooo short to waste it away. Believe me, I did not get clean until I was 56 and had been experimenting off & on with drugs/booze since I was 13-14. Also what it does to all the Brain & Body parts that can come to out when we get older. BE SAFE!!!! Block those numbers. Triggers can be all over the place, but it is up to us to learn how to avoid them too.
Have a Merry Christmas...clean & sober!!!!!!
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Hi and Welcome!  Please, please, please delete those contacts!  You will keep getting those texts if you don't....and maybe one day, at a weak moment you may respond!  It is bad enough that you may run in to them one day but to have reminders coming in all the time could be really hazardous!

Its good that you are keeping busy and getting outside!  That helped me so much when it came to sleep!  Be careful of the xanax!  I had to wean off of Ativan after my opiate detox.  I wasn't taking it abusively but my body was addicted to it....and it was a LONG and Hellish detox!!!  Try the other suggestions you have received above for sleep!  I use melatonin sometimes when I can't sleep but some don't like that and we are all different!  I also found something called Calms made by Hylands that works good too.  

Keep on posting and let us know how you are getting on!!!  And think about looking in to some kind of aftercare!  It really is a key to staying clean!!!  ♡
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