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Omg! Last time I posted here was like 3 years ago. At that time I was addicted to blues. I had not yet shot up. I say yet because it wasnt long after my last post that I crossed that line. That line addicts use to justify they arent that bad.long story short. Some how, some way I didnt die. I didnt go to prison, I did go to jail afew times. Short stints. I lived in complete filth for about a year or so. I ALMOST GAVE UP. Gave in to that quiet voice inside my head telling me, YOUR ALWAYS GONNA BE A DRUG ADDICT. THEN something happenend. My parents stopped enabling me. I faced homelessness in the face. That was my bottom. Id lost everything. Was I really put here on this earth to be a homeless junkie? Are any of us put here for that reason? To just use drugs? To use people? To suffer? I wasnt! So I went to rehab. Finished. Did a halfway house treatment program. I do NA. I still hate the fact that im an addict. Working on that.but today 10 months and 4 days later im clean and sober! Im 38. I started doing drugs when I was 17. Everyday I was high on something. Getting clean is doable. I proved that to myself. To my family. It was hard. Today I know what I want. Good things. The addict in me still uses dirty tricks to get me off track.  If you want your life back you can do it. If you a job back, you can have it. If you want YOU BACK! YOU CAN DO IT BECAUSE I DID IT.
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What an awesome post!! Thank you for such an encouraging update!! I'm glad you pulled out of it!
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I'm so sorry that you had to hit rock bottom before making your amazing turn around, but sometimes (more often than not) it takes something drastic to make us see just how bad we have gotten.  I hate being an addict as well...it straight up blows.  I just hit my 1 month mark of being clean the other day, and while it is still so hard, I still keep fighting. I'm so proud of you for making such a huge change! :)
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Hey, wondered where you were..... man you helped me out a lot when I first found this site.
One of my first posts in 2011:
I am glad to hear you are doing good and I hate to hear what you went through.
Missed you and I hope you can come back when you get the chance to help others the way you did me.
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Nice to see you back and finally living~~
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