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?!methadone cold turkey day 6 PLEASE HELP!

Its day 6 offo of methadone and im feeling a little better but absolutely no energy. I forst started tsking them to get off vics (bad idea) and even though the last year and half i've been prescribed a generous dose of lortabs I only have taken methadone for 2 years. I started with one to stop withdrawals from vics but didnt feel anything so I took 2 at a time and kept striving for that original high- and that took me up to 8,9,10 at a time and that was what i was at every day any way I could until 6 days ago. Ive taken a hot hot bath and sat there watching a movie until it was done and that really helped with the restless leg feeling- but what now? I've gone longer than this before and i always find my way back to them. theyre all around me! i even have dreams about relapsing or buying them. I've never been this committed to stop but what can i do to help with the awful horrible evil way i feel? my body is half dead it seems. I also have aplastic anemea a bone marrow diesese where my body doesnt produce enough blood for my body but my doctor at the cancer hematology clinic passed away so im in between docs for that plus  fibromyalgia and a small benign tumor on my pituitary gland. How can i make these withdrawals go smoother and spped them along? How long will it last? sorry so long i have nobody to talk to about this and this swwms like a very helpful place and i think with some support i can really beat this!
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The best way to speed up the wd symptoms is to not take any more pills.  Simple right?  The first one you take starts adding to your suffering despite your brain telling you it is to help.  Each one after that keeps tacking on the days of suffering.

You will start to feel better soon but there is only one course to cleanliness, no pills.  You need to not only remove but to SEVER any ability to get pills.  We are vulnerable no matter our clean time and we cannot be playing roulette with our lives.

Every physical symptom you feel from this will start to ease, I promise.  Keep your mind busy.  Come here and read or post.  Go to a meeting, the nicest bunch of strangers you will ever meet!!!!!

You are doing this, hang in there!!!!!


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It's usually always a bad idea to go from vicodin to methadone. It is correct to say you were on methadone pills for pain and not a clinic? You can get over it but don't you still need some pain meds? If you send me a PM I'll send you a linc to a new site that is just for people recovering from methadone addiction. All the best
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Hey I have seen lots of people posting here in wds from methadone.Are you still taking lora ?  Pretty much all opiate wds take time, exercise, antioxidants (i used green tea and in vitamins.   NA meetings are a good idea. Posting and reading posts.  Congrats on your decision.  
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