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prescribed suboxone

I have been on suboxone for months. It seemed to be working ok but recently Ive been udner a lot of stress and have been suffering fro major anxiety attacks and moods swings that interfere with my life and relationships. I have just been prescribed buspar. I have been goign to a psycologist and nothing seems to be helping and my anxiety is gettign worse and worse over stressful things. Is buspar the right thing to do? I am becoming very desperate. I am only taking one mg of suboxone or 2 at most. CAn that be the problem that im not taking enough? Or is there an underlying anxiety problem.
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If the doctor prescribed it,take it and give it a chance to work.    You are not taking the sub properly. Why are you jumping around with the dose?  Call the sub doctor and talk to him about that!!
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There are no doctors here so we could only guess and that will not help you. As it was mentioned, you need to speak with your doctor(s) and get your meds straight, or changed if necessary. I wish you the best.
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You need to get with your doctor and talk with him......sara
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I am not familiar with buspar but I took 1mg of suboxone for about 2 years and throughout that time I became more tolerant to it and would experience mild withdraws throughout the day (including anxiety). Dont under estimate the 1-2mg a day, my w/ds were brutal the first week and I still have lingering symptoms 23 days clean. If you start taking more and for a longer period of time its going to make it much more difficult the day you decide to stop taking them. Sorry if this doesnt help much with your anxiety problem, but I felt I should share my experience so you think twice before just upping your suboxone dose to try and take care of the issue. There is a lot of people on here that can provide you with more information on buspar and maybe some natural / healthy ways to cope with your anxiety so keep posting.

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I just made a connection - I have never suffered from anxiety in my life, I have always been a low-stress and mellow person regardless of what opiates or opioids I have taken...but over the past few months I have suffered from anxiety - only now did I connect that to suboxone.  My fiance and I stopped taking suboxone on Oct.7...the emotional and mental aspect of the withdrawals were worse than we could have imagined and we have detoxed from methadone and almost every imaginable opiate (OC, opana, morphine, dilaudid, etc.).  Although we have suffered far worse physical withdrawals, coming off suboxone (less than 2 mg. daily at most and then we tapered to crumbs) was far more difficult than we anticipated...We both had strange anxiety like nothing we had every experienced.
Suboxone is an extremely strong opioid even in micro-mg so please be aware of that and as Brent advised...be careful with upping your dose and remaining on suboxone for a lengthy amount of time.
Best of luck to you and please continue to post there are some great people here who can provide lots of support, encouragement and knowledge....and this forum is an excellent outlet for your feelings - most members can definately relate to what you are going through.
There are also many natural remedies that can help to alleviate your anxiety...NaturalCalm is a powdered blend of calcium and magnesium that works well for anxiety...you might be able to find it at a local health food store, otherwise you can order it online and get it in about 2 to 3 days.
Oh - sorry but I cannot offer any insight into buspar but I am sure someone here can help you with that.  Again, good luck to you -
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Just wanted to start out by saying thank you for your feedback and every little comment and support is very appreciated. Its great to be able to relate to people who are suffering from similar things. However, I am not so much varying my dosage. I was on steady 2 mg and feel that the anxiety may have gotten worse but not any w/d symptoms other thhan that. I then went down to 1 mg and usually felt fine other then waking up the next morning with the cold sweats and the random anxiety. It has been so hard to get treated for my anxiety because it seems as if no one wants to help recovering drug addicts. This all started when I was away at college and all of a sudden I started suffering from major anxiety and panic attacks when I had to study for tests. It interfered so bad with my school life that I couldnt even study anymore becuase I would breakdown and cry and get no where. It got so bad that I began skipping class ansd going to the doctors on days I had tests. I then went to my family doctor and he told me he wanted me to see someone who specialized in this because he thought I may need special treatment or may lifelong anxiety medicine. As soon as I called the place my doctor referred me to they basically said we dont help drug addicts and hung up on me. My parents and I then searched for several days trying to find someone to help me or talk to me because i thought I was losing my mind. Finally I got to see a psycologist that ive been seeing on a weekly basis and it feels good to talk about things and get things off my chest. However, this anxiety also interfered with my relationship and began to make me depressed and unable to eat making the anxiety even worse. Finally, today I had just called my suboxone doctor and told him about my anxiety problems and that is when he wrote me a script of buspar. I am just unsure whether or not the anxiety has to do with the low dosage of suboxone I am taking or if i do really have severe anxiety problems. Everytime i go to a doctor I feel like I get no where. I am going to pick up my perscription early tommorow and begin taking it. Hopefully within a few weeks this anxiety fades. I just want to be back to my old successful self and continue to do good in school but these problems are making it completely possible for me to even stay at my house at school. I had to withdraw from 3 classes and been commuting an hour each day just to go to class.
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It is somewhat annoying when doctors are so quick to write another prescription...do not get me wrong, I understand that your anxiety sounds bad and I feel for you having to go through that...I just think there are other methods of treating anxiety without harmful medication (I am not saying that buspar is harmful - but it is addictive and mind-altering) -  It is good that you have a doctor and a counselor to speak with so I am not discouraging what you are doing at all.  
My fiance and I each suffered from anxiety while on suboxone and neither of us have ever experienced that before...so perhaps with your history of anxiety...suboxone is making it worse.  Please do not think that I am trying to be negative because I am not at all...You are taking the proper steps to rectify this and I am proud of you...Continue to post and stay strong...
Also, my fiance and I are full-time students and it does seem to make it more difficult - so we can understand that situation......
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may i ask you if you are also following all the advices that your psycologist is giving to you ? I also started suffering with anxiety 6 months after detoxing and i was not on sub ...You have said that it is good talking about things with him  but this is not also the point of the therapy with anxiety if you want to have results. I remember that at first it was quite tough working on every thought i have during the day, following a journal of every thought, the triggers, writing about the situations, and putting into practice everything my psycologist was telling me to do... you have to be systematic and address every thought that is driving you to suffer with anxiety.... I know it is not easy but this work really pays off or at least it paid off with my anxiety....All th best and all the luck !! :)
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its just hard in a situaton like mine. I really thought I was losing myself. I was prescrinbed paxil awhile ago and I stopped taking it becuase I was addicted to oc's and just thought the anxiety was all from that. I am at the point that I am very desperate to cure my anxiety because it is quickly wearing down on me. I just feel that it is so hard to get the help you need when you are recovering from a drug problem. I needed to get into a doctor about by psycological state immediately and no one seemed to care. My parents have called everywhere possible to get me in because I was losing my mind. The only operson that wanted to see me was the psycologist I am going to. He fixed his schedule around just to fit me in. The problem with this is that a psycologist is a work in progress. It may take weeks til I start to feel better about myself and utilize the stuff he tells me. I just feel that I cannot deal with this anxiety for many more days. The sad part is this all started when my roomate went literally insane in my house and I had to deal with him for weeks. He went crazy and was saying all this weird stuff and rambling and being weird and it was wearing down on me til I finally said either your leaving or I am. I reached out to his parnets and they took him home and he ended up in a mental home. Since this happened I have never been the same person and been very anxious and emotional. Just all these problems at once almost made me lose my mind. I saw how weird i began acting and I was like stuck in a phjase that I couldnt get out of.  Then alof a sudden me and my girlfriend split because of how badly anxious i was gettin and making her. I just don't know whats the best answer for me to do. I am struggling here and I feel that there is no one willing to help me but my parents and they are not doctors. I got my perscription today of Buspar and i pray that this is an answer. Its not susposed to be addictive but I have very mixed feelings about that. But at this pooint its hard to do daily tasks and routines because of the anxiety that takes over me. I pray that this helps. And i just want to thank everyone for their comments. I will never take anything people say negative unless you are trying to cut me or someone else down.
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its justy very sad to me knowing how good of a person I was and had everything going for me. I got mixed into the wrong crowd and decided to numb the feelings I had inside with oxycontin. It hurts me to know how well I was doing in recovering from the addiciton for months. I would make deans list at college as an exercise science major. If i didn't make deans list I was pretty damn close. Now All of a sudden the panic attacks and anxiety started destroying everything. It destroyed my semester at school, my relationship with a girl that i LOVE, and it is slowly destorying me and my family who cares about moe more than anything. I just don't know what to do because I know I am better than what is happening to me. Its almost as if something has taken over me and I am fighting it but its winning.
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Anxiety can be very scary and also exhausting... it dries our minds cause it drives us in a sort of vicious cycle of negative thoughts as the ones you are having and it seems as if we can not stop them... well, we can stop them  but things don't get better until we start working on the right kind of thoughts... it takes times but it is worth it :)  Don't get stuck on what could have been, on your past, on your future.... work on the present you have, follow all the suggestions of your psycologist , Cognitive Behavioural Therapy does work with anxiety but only if we work it and if we don't put pressure to feel better.... don't think of the time it will take , your health is the most important thiing now in your life, studies can wait. Put your real priorities on a list and health is the first one :)
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