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seeing sub doctor tomorrow

Well today is my last day to take pills. Probably about 9:00 tonight I will take my last pill and then it's off to see the doctor tomorrow at 11. I hope this works out because I have no pills left after tonight and I don't have a phone number in my phone to call and get more. This is making me a little nervous because if it does'nt work out I will being going c/t and won't be able to go to work and could loose my job. I'm leaving it in Gods hands now. I'm sure everything will work out just nervous ans venting a little. Morning everybody,hope you all had a good weekend.
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Think positive hun ..... Did you take the Tuesday off ? How are things with the wife?
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Have u spoken with flmagi about the withdrawal period to start the suboxone?  just checking and perhaps the 14 hours is enough as everyone is different.....i think i have read that some have done it after 12 hours...i am sure you know what u r doing and i wish you the best of luck...i hope it does not interfere with your work and that all goes well..it can be hard trying to work and do all this...i am well aware...good luck
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hops, i am so glad you are doing this.  i know you are gonna do great!  you know those first hours are hard so being prepared is smart.  you know where to find us tomorrow.  you know you have a problem, you want to quit and you have a plan.  now, just follow the plan and keep posting.
much love
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I KNOW u will do great....Like u said leave it in gods hands..I know bonnie said she waited 12 hours, so you should be fine......This is a hugh step and one in the right direction!!!!
PLease keep us posted..
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I wish you the best, I know it wont be easy.  I have decided to see a sub dr. too. last week i too my last pill at 9, went to dr. at 11. it was a clinic setting, i didnt want that so i left went back the list of dr. for the subs.made 4 more calls and 2 days later. i found a private dr. finally. i havee an appt. fri.i  cant do tis anymore saturday nite i ran out again and couldnt find anything.i was in w/d bad til late yesterday. that sucked. I cant wait for thurs nite when i take my last pill before i get sub on fri. keep posting i wanna follow your progress.please.i know many people here have had great success. soon there could be two new success stories. thumbs up to ya. Teddy
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Tuesday is my day off and Tuesday was the only day the doctor could see me so it must be meant to be. So far everything is going good with my wife. She is looking for drug therapy counselors that are covered on our insurance and offering any help she can. She has really been great.

Worried. I haven't talked to magi yet but plan to. I know Mary had a little trouble at first but I think they had a quack doctor lol. The doctor told me not to take anything after midnight but I'll be in bed by then.
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I am so glad to hear that things are working out for you hops!!!  Glad wife is going to support you!!
I know you will make it with this new plan.....and her by your side!
I think it was magi that got sick, but ask them both k...
hugs and good luck
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Don't worry, you will do just fine! I think it is great that your wife is behind you now. That will be such a help for you. Keep us informed & Good Luck!
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I was told that I would be there most of the day tomorrow so they can monitor me and make sure they get me on the right dose. I liked the thought of that after hearing some of the others stories. So when I get home I'll let you all know how it goes. lifesaride I really hope your right and there are two more success stories soon. I am only doing a short term program of 3 weeks. From everything I have read I think this will work best for me.
r2r you might be right it might of been mags that got sick. They are both so funny, I get them mixed up sometimes. LOL that ought to get their blood going this morning LOL
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Here's to You!!! You can do this...I can hear the nervousness all the way here in Cali...deep breaths...you'll be fine...breath...We are all pulling for you!!!
Keep us posted!
All the best,
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I'm happy for you, Hopsing. I have no doubt that you can do this thing. Keep up the attitude. We hate painkillers, don't we?
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Good luck sweetie...I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!!!
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I'm sure everything will work out just fine. Just keep that positive attitude you have and hang in there! Best of luck and keep us informed! Have you been able to talk your wife in to coming on here yet?
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Man Brian I have tried, I think she lurks and reads some posts but has not gotten on yet that I know of. I keep trying to get her to check it out so she can get an idea what goes on. I would love for her to talke with LizzieLou.
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It would be great if she would get on here and ask her own questions in order to see how difficult addiction can be. I agree, LizzieLou would really be able to give her some insight being on the other side of it. Maybe you could have Lizzie send a message directed to your wife and try to get her to read it? I think it would be the start of a great friendship between them. Your wife would be able to have all of her questions answered from someone that has been through addiction with a loved one.
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Wow, that is the best news of all -- that your wife is being supportive and standing by your side through all this.....you have been in my prayers....and that was my first prayer request....that your wife would be there for you....and then the rest will come....i understand the anxiety....perfectly normal, not that it makes it any easier to bear sometimes.....you really have done your research and know what you now have to do....and you're doing it....one step at a time....don't look back...and don't look too far ahead....just take it a day (an hour? a minute?) at a time, do what is expected of you, and you will come out on the other side and will be posting a success story, i can just feel it in my bones...you have my respect and prayers....go for it....you can do it....and you can put these crappy pills behind you once and for all....good luck!!!!   blessings, kim
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I know you can do it..I am glad your getting support..Being a little nervous is normal..I personally never took sub..but I have read many success stories..i will be praying for you..stay strong and know we are all here
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I have a question,,,can my nero doctor prescribe SUB or do you have to go to a SUB Doctor? Does every Satete have one?
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Hey yall, i'm gonna put a new picture up soon but I'm gonna wait and put a pic up of me being clean. The last one I had up was me on my 40th birthday. We went out to a jazz bar and I was high. I was drinking red bulls and vodka and had already taken about 10 pills when that pic was taken. So a new pic of a new me coming soon lol
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Hi there! Wow, that sounds like how I did it. I took my last pill around 8 Thur nite, and had my sub appt at 9:30 Fri morning. i was under the assumption that they would give me the first dose in the office, but they didn't. So, after I drove all the way back to where I live, and got to the pharmacy, I finally got to take my first dose around 11:30. At first, it made me kinda tired in a way, the first hour, but after it kicked in, it was ok. The first day tho, man...whoooooheeeeee did it do a number on me! Lol, lemme just tell ya...me n my hubby had some GREAT nookie that nite! That was just the first day, I bet he was wonderin y he didn't get any after that Haha! Lol. I take 3-4 half tablets of 8 mg a day. I was taking anywhere from 7-15 perc 10's a day for three years.
Today is my 4th day on them. This place really helps me alot with things, although, my hubby dosen't really understand, and he gets mad at me for being on the computer. We have been fighting NONSTOP the past few days, so, I'm just lettin ya know, if you feel yourself getting grumpy, don't take it out on your wife. Remember, we can tell them over and over again what it's like to go through this, but they will never really quite understand. She is there to support you, but also be sensitive to her as well, it can be hard to be married to an addict, and be glad you have the support, and don't take it out on her. Lol, like my hubby has been getting the wrath from me. Haha! Please let us know how you are feeling and stuff tommorow, and BEST OF LUCK! We are all excited and happy for you! :)
Love, Nikki
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Hops this is my second experience with suboxone. both were great. Im running late right now but im going to pm you in a bit (probably within the hour) Ill fill you in on my experiences and my opinion. You will do great i know it!!...Lori
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