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treatment or at home?

my addiction started about 2 1/2 years ago...3 years ago my husband was murdered i was only 19 yrs. old. to say the least it was absolutely devastating on every level i started drinking heavily about 3 months after his death i went in to the dentist to have some teeth pulled and caps put on he prescribed me percocet for the pain and i started taking them realized ok this is way better than drinking wen back got more when he wouldnt give me anymore i started buying them and the rest is history i grew up with an acholic mother so i know the cost of addiction and vowed never to go there...here i am...i covered my grief for so long with drugs that i dont think i have fully finished grieving i prob never will i've been to countless support groups for both grief and addiction yet i keep returning to the pills because it is so much easier to mask the pain then to deal with it..i have finally decided to quit im so scared though because on top of the withdrawls i know there will so much other emotional pain to deal with so should i go to a treatment center or just do it at home i dont know which woudl be easier
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Dear hopeless , I too have a tragedy that I believed was the reason I used and thru treatment I have been able to find sobriety. Get a counsoler(sp) who specializes in addiction as well as treatment the phone book should guide you just fine . For me it basically came down to this: I had two choices I could stay on the path of drinking and useing because of what happened
Or I could thrive and really live in spite of what happened. So because of ? Or in spite of? I will tell you that no matter which you choose it will not be easy however one will lead to jail an institution or death and the other will be a regaining of yourself and fullfilment. And of course the choice is yours. If you find you have choosen poorly choose choose again. When my pain was the worst I stopped moving and was stuck for years now I know when it's true he// that's when I have to keep on going if for no other reason than to get to the other side. Moments of pain I want to end as so as possible. It's the moments teaching my son to whistle that I want to last for ever. You see what I mean? I didn't mean to ramble but your post spoke to my heart, hope it helps
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I never discourage people from going to a treatment place if they can. My dad, one sister, aunt and I are all alcoholics.  I went to several rehabs and would reccomend them all. Hina Mauka on Ohau HI was a 6 month live in when I was there. Unfortunatly they are outpatient now.  But there are 1000s in america I would think. I never paid for any of them. I went to the VA rehab in Albany N.Y and now I think that's not a live in either. IN FACT I believe I was the only women to ever complete that live in rehab. But I did use opiates for 8 years after I was sober 8 .  I'm sure I knew from day 1 I was bsing myself that I wasnt losing my soberity.  I HAD A SUBSCRIPTION !!!!   I did know because I stopped going to AA meetings and I had been a 2 meeting a day person for years.  The meetings and this forum can get you through or go to rehab. Either way GOOD DECISION !!!! to get clean.  
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I would recomend that you go to a treatment center. I too grew up with a mother who was an alcoholic plus she abused prescription drugs. My father had some similar issues as well. I too know the cost of addicition and fortunately have never gone there but I am tempted but fight the urge.

Addiction is tough to beat so get professional help if it is an option. They will work with you. Right now a good friend of mine is 17 days free of Loratabs that he has ben on for 3 years. He has sought professional help. They will develop a treatment plan to hold you accountable.

Stay in touch and best of luck to you. Let me know if I can help you in any way.
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