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Now on day 4 i have no craving for a roxy,thanks to the xanax that i have. I have also deleted my contact for them from my phone. I'm feeling pretty good,I'm sure that's the effects from the xanax. I'm just worried if i should go to  work in the morning. How long do the withdrawals usually last
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Thanks for the advice about the xanax....i only have 7 left,i got them from a friend and then i deleted his # from my phone. Also i went to work today and i felt pretty good,i hope tomorrow will be the same...And thank you for the congrats....
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If you feel okay, then sure, try going to work: if you begin to fill ill, you can always go home early, right?

Unfortunately, withdrawals are not always linear...you might feel good for a day, then lousy the next.  But each day should get better.

A word of caution:  be CAREFUL: with the xanax.  It is VERY addicting; do not take it more than a few days.  If you think withdrawals from opiates is bad, benzo's like xanax is a whole different ballgame.  Detoxing from opiates is unpleasant, but not life threatening.  Detoxing from a benzodiazepene addiction (xanax, ativan, valium, clonopin, etc) can be fatal, so it has to be done under a doctor's supervision...plus it takes a lot longer.  

So easy does it with those...just a word to the wise...

Congrats on 4 days!

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