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I am currently taking 5 mg of xanax and that is 2-3 times a day..I noticed that sometimes I would take one pill and split it in half and this is making my rx run out before its time to see my doctor again.

which means right before I see her I have to really cut down making it nearly difficult to handle until I see her

How do I tell her I want to stop and what should I ask for in replacement. I cannot stand taking these pills anymore

i think i have more anxiety trying NOT to take more than perscribed because they are addictive then not being so anxious.

A friend gave me valium to take with it, but I was too afraid of mixing the two, should I start weaning.

Oh boy..this is a touchy subject...I dont go to my doc til the 8th..but want so badly to get off of them without running out before i go
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Are you taking .5mg  or 5 mg  2-3 times a day?

Just be honest and tell your Dr. the truth. Tell her you want to stop taking them and she should help you wean down....probably w/ valium. She will know what to do.I would not do this w/ your friend....ask your Dr. for help.

Also, you CAN NOT stop xanax cold turkey. You will have seizures.

Good luck.
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Im taking 0.5 so im not sure if thats 5 milligrams, Im not sure how that works. Thanks I will just let her know..and I wouldnt just stop the xanax
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There is another guy on here who is also tapering from xanax.  His name is catahoula cur, he has alot posted in his journals about his experiences as he us going through this.  It might help to read them and to talk to him.

Good Luck and God Bless
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Michele..so your taking about 1 1/2 -2 mg a day..You are going to have to wean down from them..How many do you have left until your dr. appoinment?  How are you supposed to be taking them? I would start by taking .25 mg away from your daily dose and hold there for a couple weeks and proceed the same way until you are down to .25 mg /day..if your pills are peach then 1/2 of it will be .25 mg..if you don't think you can control the amount then give them to someone to help you..pm me if you'd like..I have been on xanax a long time and have weaned down from @7mg/day to 0..your not on a huge dose so you shouldn't have too much trouble other than you wanting more..I do not know about replacing them with something..benzos are all addiciting although xanax seems to be the stronger of them..just take your time and you will be off them..
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I am glad to hear it is 0.5mg..lol......
I thought...d.a.m.n....15 mg. would be a sh*tload of xanax.

I would still talk to your Dr...i don' know if you are on any other meds, but your Dr. will know what's right for you.

Take care.
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I have been taking Xanax for 17 years for sleep and for occasional daytime use (re: anxiety/panic).  I would not dare to give you any withdrawal advice...that should be reserved for medical experts.  I take 1 mg. (sometimes 1.5 mg) at bedtime to deal with intense insomnia.  Doc has tried many other alternatives over the years, but Xanax works perfectly for me and I have never abused the drug (not this one anyway!!).   I'm not sure why you are taking the med or why you want off of it, but it should be done only with the assistance of your doctor.  Other posts have mentioned seizures, but my understanding is that those are related to higher doses than you are taking.  Even still, this is a tricky med and even the smallest doses should be tapered with med care. Best of luck to you.  Ali
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