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Could this be addisons?

Hello I am almost 17 and haven't gotten my period so my doctor sent me for some blood tests. Everything came up normal except my adrenal levels so tomorrow I am going for ACTH testing. I've been reading about the test and Addison's disease caught my eye because I have been previously treated for "Ibs like symptoms" and I also have a vestibular nerve weakness in which I get very bad dizzy spells where I'm light headed, lose vision and body goes numb. I also have low blood pressure so I'm wondering if these other conditions could be related to my adrenal gland instead, specifically Addison's disease?
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Is your doctor an endocrinologist?

Normally one would run a battery of other testing before going to the stim test such as cortisol and ACTH so you have a baseline (more than once, at 8am), sodium and potassium, renin and aldosterone, (those relate to the low blood pressure) as well as other hormones so you can find out of the source is adrenal or pituitary.

The POTS (dizzy spells) may or may not be related...

Let us know how the testing goes.
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Check for Celiac  blood work and endo scope. You wont regret it.
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