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Is my stim test normal?

Hi, I would appreciate the help immensely, I'm desperate. I didn't know that cortisol had to be measured at 8 am (docs didn't tell me it had to be that way.....goes to show how much they know and take me seriously) but i've now had cortisol drawn 2 times at 8 am. 1st time was 12 and 2nd time was 14.5 (8-25 range). I also had my stim test at almost 9am as they did not tell me it had to be at 8. The results were

ACTH- 27 (10-57)
cortisol- 8 (7-25)
30 min- 20.8
60 min- 25

is it ok? i know i had a post about it listing other symptoms and results but i wanna focus on the cortisol and stim tests, because i didn't know the time had to be 8 am. does it matter if my stim test was closer to 9? also, it was a month after i stopped birth control, and about a month after i FINALLY got cured of a three month bout of tonsillitis (yikes). Does that matter at all?
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At 9 am it is at least close. Not noon or late afternoon.

Your test appears normal. Unless you have sodium or potassium tests that are off, I would say your cortisol is fine (stim tests can be passed when you are borderline) and you should look for another reason IMHO...
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