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Feeling helpless

How can I convince my (becoming) ex that he needs help with alcohilism
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Try to talk to an Interventionist, (an Addiction's Therapist) and they can give you an idea of how to intervene on a loved ones behalf. If you can, look up the show Intervention and you'll see how that works. It's the best way to handle an addict resistant to treatment.
Let others know of the problem, ie. his folks/doctor/ (if they don't know or they don't know the extent).
Never allow a drunk to drive, call the police on them before allowing it. Help often comes by way of court ordered intervention. It might lose him a job, but it won't lose him his life (or others).
Support and be in his life only when in recovery, back away from enabling a using addict (as you're doing, thus the "becoming" ex.
Read and learn what you need to, (as you are) and never go back to enabling. (an addict will blame you for not acting sooner, once in long term recovery).

Yes, second the post above. All you can do is to stage an intervention - what happens after that it is up to him. What you need to do is to take care of yourself.

Good luck:)
I don't think you can. I would not listen to anyone. I simply cut them out of my life and found people who drank too much themselves to be around. Everything people said to me I knew was true but hearing them say it simply made my drinking worse. I stopped when I found the strength inside me. It's like when you look at a problem and you have let it go for so long now that you simply do not know where to start dealing with it. So you don't. (ironing, decorating, garden.....) until you decide to take it head on and win you don't. Alcoholics will lose everything and still drink. No threats will work unless they are ready. My advise to anyone who loves an alcoholic would be to run away and save yourself. Be tough. They will quit and be back to you clean and deeply sorry or they will be getting drunk. You need to look after you in order to help anyone. But you won't make them stop. Sorry if I've waffled on.
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Do you have children?  I HOPE YOU COME BACK.  
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