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Alt Ast liver function too high very worried

I had a liver function blood test and they came back with Alt 89 AST 30.
I am female , 50 years old ,25 year history of heavy drinking, 1 bottle of wine per night and sometimes more on the weekends. Can any one tell me how bad these numbers are. I am panicked to say the least. Do these numbers mean I could have cirrhosis of the liver? If I reduce to two glasses Friday/Saturday will this be enough to reduce the numbers or should I stop all together? If anyone can help I would appreciate your advice.
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Based on my experience, you should stop drinking 100%;  at least until your numbers go back in the normal range. But if you've been drinking a bottle at night for the last 25 years, you should seriously consider a complete change in your lifestyle, if you want to remain healthy.   I did the same kind of drinking and I am about your age, but we all get older and that kind of lifestyle cannot go on forever without serious consequences. A CT scan   or ultrasound  would tell you more about the condition of your liver. I had one, and in my case it showed  fatty infiltration of the liver, which would be common for a heavy drinker. That is generally a precursor to cirrhosis if you continue Drinking. The good news, is that  your liver has incredible regenerative properties if you clean up your lifestyle. If you really think about it, those two glasses of wine  on a Friday night will probably make you want more. Our bodies adjust  to the amount that we are used to drinking, or at least that is my experience. So part of turning over a new leaf, involves new coping methods........ Something other than alcohol or other chemical abuse. If you stay clean and sober for 90 days, I wouldn't be surprised  to see those numbers improve. But if they do, don't take it as a license to drink the way you used to drink.   I hope that all goes well for you.
Thank you Jacker. I know I need to quit but it's come at a bad time as we are going on vacation for two weeks in a weeks time .
I am struggling to stop for the weekend even.
The idea of living a life without alcohol is a lot to fathom when you first consider it, but not has hard as you would think.  You just have to find new interests and form new habits.  Physically, the first 7-10 days is the hardest.  Be careful when you decide to quit, because it can be dangerous for some people.  If you find yourself with the "shakes" during the first 3 days, you may need medical help to get sober.  Other people are simply "agitated" or in a fog during those first few days.  It gets much better after this.  
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Jacker as usual has dispensed some awesome advice!Heres a thought-if real soon you cannot commit to complete sobriety you may very well find yourself going on a permanent vacation for the liver is ASKING you to stop feeding it alcohol!
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