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Delirium Tremens - mom

My mother's appendix burst a week ago yesterday and 2 days into her hospital stay was going through DT's.  All of her symptoms were spot on.  She is 73 yrs of age.  Although, I do believe there has to be some other underlaying medical reason that she is so confused along with going through DT's.  My question is -1.  How long does it take to go through it?  Because, she beedn in the a week and still not back to normal.  Except the shakes are gone.  2.  Does, the memory come back?  As we talk to her we need to always bring her back to her life now.  As she remembers she sometimes cries.  Any advise or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
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I am not sure what to tell you. I think this situation should be discussed with her doctor. There could be other things going on medically with mom.

Not to worry--just talk to her doctor, K?

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