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How to get functional (FAST) after alcohol withdrawal?

I would like to ask you for some advice.

So, I was a high-functioning alcoholic until few months ago, and two weeks ago I went through some kind of physical crisis so I was tapering off with benzodiazepines (as doctor has recommended). I have exams next week (I’m 22) and I can’t force myself to do anything useful due to the mood changes. I can be physically active (it helps me not to drink) but not mentally. My question is how to succeed to be REALLY functional like about tomorrow? Now I bought myself some beer because weed, methadone and things such as that aren’t helping at all – I cannot be functional if I’m using them, and I REAAAAALY need to be. I don’t have time for alcohol-related problems now, so it’s like urgent for me to find a solution.

Thanks in advance!
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I am not 100% sure of what you're actually asking here, but you really can't rush recovery; physically or mentally.   Did you say you just bought some beer? If so, then you'll be starting all over again in terms of withdrawal and "fuzzy thinking ".  But if you've abused alcohol for a  long period of time, then it takes time to heal.

What helps you mentally are the obvious things: plenty of sleep, plenty of liquids  ( water and Gatorade work well ).  And quality, healthy food. Many alcoholics are somewhat malnourished  because we do not digest or process food very well when our bodies are busy metabolizing alcohol. If you do these things you'll see improvement mentally and otherwise. But not overnight.
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Yeah, that's what I thought. But the hope dies last ;) Thank you for your advice. I think I’ll drink just 2-4 beers, only at evening in 30 minutes, and only alone just to get through to exams (I’m much more focused if I drink few beers at evening), and then I’ll go to psychiatrist.

I can’t really sleep, but I drink a lot of water, I walk cc. 15 kilometers per day, and trying to get used to the food ;)

Thanks again!
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