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Trying to quit Drinking...

I have been drinking on and off for 28 years...as of late it has gotten really serious, at first it was just beer, and now I have started drinking vodka and hiding it.  It has started to disrupt family life, this is my first real try to quit.  Asking for your support. I am skeptical about going to a support group.  
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Hi and welcome. Im not an expert but just an every day guy as yourself. Quiting drinking is a good step if it is interfering with your everyday life but like anything else that the body has become dependant on will take time and patience and there will be some physical withdrawals. The thing about drinking, is that it can be more of a traditional nature, like after work relaxing. If your attempting to do this then you will need to have a plan of how to fill in the time where you have a drink. You have to have a plan. Like now your home and is 7pm and drink time. What will you substitute this habit time zone with? I believe that unless you can fill in the zone with something, quiting will be an issue and thats why a support group can be helpful. The time zone will be filled in with the support group. And once this time zone has the drink out of the picture, you can fill it in with some other hobby.
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Hi, it's good you've realised you have a problem with drinking, and it's causing a problem with your family life. Being an alcoholic can lead to some serious health issues with liver problems, and social problems. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, which means it will keep getting worse to the point of ruining your life. I suggest you go for support to AA meetings, do not be afraid to go. You will find other people who understand you, and accept you without judgment. Who will be very supportive and helpful to lead  you in the 12 steps of AA. I find AA saved my life and it's wonderful to meet other sober people who also want to change and improve their lives at the meetings.
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Thank you, I have taken up making models.  So hopefully that will fill my time.  
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How are you making out on the holidays, usually harder for people to be away from drinking. Its good you took up a hobby to keep you busy, but you need to get a support group for yourself. Try going to AA, you will like it, I am sure. Don't be afraid to try, your life is worth it. Take care.
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Made it through Easter with flying colors, I attended church and he spoke of alcohol and depression and how it affects a persons life and the family.  It was a sign from God I think.  Thanks for your support.  8 days now for me.
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God definately has a hand in it I am sure. I read AA book about Bill W praying to God to have his obsession lifted and it was. It happened to me too, and life just keeps getting better. Good job on sobriety, keep up the good work. Keep praying and have faith. God will guide you.
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Thank you.  I will continue to pray...
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Good to hear you will continue to pray. Life just gets better being sober. Still try to go to AA meeting. We went tonight and heard some inspirational stories and talked to a very nice man. We really had a nice time out. I had no idea meetings were so great, but we both love them. My husband looked so happy tonight listening to a long time sober man. Keep up the good work. Gods good and will relieve the obsession and take care of our needs in life. God Bless You.
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Thanks again for your kind comments and support.  My spouse is also a great supporter.  I have also included my children in my efforts.  Things seem to be going a lot better for me.  I am more relaxed and I do not seem to get angered at things as much anymore. 25 days now!!!!
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Thats super, you are sharing your problem with your family. Proud of you. Things will get better in time. What I found eventually was the freedom from obsession was so great. Just to go anywhere and do whatever at anytime. Like icecream run at night. Wow, that feels great. Planning family outings. Life just keeps getting better. Anger does start to get better, feeling not so tired anymore. Proud of yourself feels great, doesn't it. Keep up the good work. I am so happy for you, your wife and your children. Great job!!!
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23 Days now...cold turkey been drinking 3+litres of beer a day plus some occasional wine...no support all on my own except for one special lady who is a country away...I have had M.S. since 1999 and suffered a great loss in 2011. lost my Daughter and 3 grandkids in a fire...was strong when I needed to hold up my dad, ex husband, and boyfriend. then it got worse the drinking..Hubby gave me an ultimatum....so I choose him.
he has not given me a word of encouragement or asked me how is am since I quit.
and now he wants me to go to a RV camp where the main hobby is DRINKING...he does not drink.
I am staying home...I am staying sober...this is way too soon to be surrounded by a bunch of people partying...any thoughts?
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Just a note. The cool thing about AA is that is where all the healthy people are. No kidding. People talk about their addiction instead of being their addiction. And there's lots to talk about; it helps.
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OH YESSSS!stay home....stay sober.....too soon to be @ partying ppl...i've been sober/clean 29 years now and i detest being @ a bunch of drunks/dopers......i know what i used to look like plus its boring there are!better ways to spend time in life!
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too far out in country for AA plus do not drive much with the Multiple Sclerosis...Hubby went camping alone..he is a non drinker by choice ...he just does not like the taste or the buzz..I stayed home with my 2 Westies and gardened and such...took baths , had the bed, couch and remote too myself...did not drink today is day 26 of sobriety ...I feel good but I have no appetite...M.S. also does not help that one...loss my notion to eat a long time ago....anyway he came back happy and me too ...yes absence does make the heart grow fonder...and we have been together 17yrs ...so we are ok that way lol
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