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What type of reaction am I having from alcohol?

So in the past I never really drank too much. However about two nights ago my girlfriend and I broke up and I moved away to college so my alc intake has went up. Over the past 2 months, on avg I'd say I drank 3-4 days a week. After about a month my tolerance shot up and each night result in about a fifth of alcohol (30-40%). 10 days ago, after a heavy weekend of drinking, I woke up with a bloated feeling and almost tingly feeling around the lower part of my torso, front and back (stomach area). I've read online IBS is common from drinking and eating too much. That scared me so I stopped for 10 days, and went out for a friends bday part last night. I drank a water bottle full of vodka and a beer. I woke up this morning with the same problem. Has anyone experienced this or know how to fix it?

P.s. After heavy drinking I tend to eat a lot. Last night when I went out for my friends bday I ate half a pizza and a burger and fry from Burger King before I went to bed... could be a factor
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One would feel bloated from consuming all the alcohol you describe in addition to all the fast food described!Only a doctor can rule in..or rule out IBS!If you eliminate all that alcohol and fast food,these symptoms may very well disappear!
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Your last question, first paragraph:  "does anyone know how to fix it"

Answer:  Don't drink !!  There - it's fixed !!

Alcohol is a poison - You've been ingesting large quantities and Your body is talking to You.  It's Your job to listen.

Good Luck
Nice to see you here Tink!Thank You for commenting!
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