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Has anyone tried to use hypnosis to stop drinking. I have downloaded a few hypnotic sessions to help. But apparently it is not working because I am still drinking. If someone has one good to try I would love to know. By the way I have gotten back into AA. I find after a meeting I want to drink because all we are talking about for an hour is alcohol. But I am still going to go
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I see a medical hypnotherapist and take naltrexone.  So far this combination is working for me.  I get hypnotised once a week and take the naltexone every evening.  I am having limited cravings (I used to be a 12-18 beer a day drinker for 9 years).

I don't think home hypnotherapy would really work - but seeing a proper *medical* hypnotist is worth a shot :)
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search out the folks who talk more recovery than the drinking warstories...u will find them...listen..they r there.....i found them amongst the warstories!:)
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hello. i've not heard of any reliable successes with hypnosis to treat alcoholism, although there are plenty of folks these days trying to capitalize on the addiction/treatment industry. you have at your disposal the most effective method of recovery though as long as you keep going to aa. not everyone stops before they walk into the rooms (i've been to a few meetings intoxicated in the past myself) and it's not a requirement to be sober---only to have a desire to stop. keep going back, and keep trying. that's what the "winners" do. good luck,   gm
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