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.25 Xanax

I was prescribed .25 xanax to take as needed. Well, it turns out, I am scared to take it. Is it ok if I cut them and half and only take .125 as needed? I don't want to get dependent on them, and feel that .125 as needed shouldn't be a problem.

Can someone give me an idea how often and how much someone must take to have to think about weening off? I just need some perspective about how low a dose im actually on.
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One if you get a Panic attack take the .125mg see if that helps, if not go with the .25mg
Honestly I would not play with how much to take, I know when I had panic attacks (very acute) I took the whole .25mg, Also yes this is a very addictive drug and is for short term use, feel free to go to my open journals, I was on xanax for awhile.
This drug is ONLY for the relief of Panic Attacks and is in NO WAY A SUBSTITUTE for Therapy! if you are getting frequent attacks ask your Dr. for a SSRI while you are in therapy. if you are not in therapy and a Dr. gave you any med. DROP THAT DR. and find one that does not really want to give you a med and wants you to work on your Panic, please please understand, I would rather have a Dr. I had to convince I NEEDED XANAX, then one that just wants me to pop a pill, THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY IN THE LONG RUN. good luck and keep posted
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Xanax is a very potent medication. It is also an excellent drug for panic if used STRICTLY on an AS NEEDED basis. .25 is a small dose, but even that dose, IF TAKEN ON A DAILY BASIS, can induce dependency over time. It is recommended that Xanax, at ANY dose, not be used longer than 4 months on a DAILY basis. If you have been prescribed Xanax to be used prn, (as needed) and that is the only time you DO use it, I would not hesitate to take it nor would I worry about becoming dependent on it. If cutting your dose in half works when you have a panic attack, then by all means, stay with that, otherwise go back to the .25 but do NOT increase the dosage.
If you find the Xanax is not controling your panic or you develope anticipatory anxiety, please speak with your doctor about switching to a LONG TERM antianxiety med rather than increasing the frequency of Xanax. Using Xanax on a daily basis over an extended period of time (longer than 4 months) is when you would have to be concerned with weaning.
And as Silverberg has suggested, finding the root cause of your anxiety and dealing with that issue, in the long run, is better than masking the symptoms with medication. The long term benefits of therapy and medication combined cannot be overlooked.
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i never heard of .125 dose, that's ridiculous dose, unless for kindergarden kid maybe. the lowest dose that i know is .25mg. if you don't wanna get addicted, then eat xanax only at occasional moment, so it's not for daily use. i've been on xanax for 20 years maybe, but i don't eat it on daily basis, so far no problem. probably i only eat xanax once every 1-2 months depend on life pressure comin at me. it help me a lot.
I also have been taking Alprazolam over 25 years, limiting myself to only takeas needed, and never more than a few days in a row.  I have not grown any tolerance, and it remains just as effective now as when. i started taking decades ago.
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