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ADD vs. Anxiety?

Has anyone ever been misdiagnosed as bipolar or with anxiety when in reality they have attention deficit disorder, maybe with a combination of depression. I feel like I might be ADD rather than bipolar. I took a test online and it said I score high for likely ADD. Anyone have any thoughts?
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That is a good quiestion.......Sometimes I wonder myself if I have ADD......Alot people ask me if I do but I always say anxiety.......
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my family doctor recently had me see a therapist for further diagnosis but while i was waiting she had me on meds for bipolar, it turns out i am highly ADD. if you think you might be i would suggest seeing someone specifically trained in the feild.
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i was diagnosed with anxiety years ago, not only was i later diagnosed with hypothyroid but with ADHD as well so yes in my opinoin ADHD mimics bipolar 100%
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anxiety and depression are two side effects from ADD.  i know i have ADD and as a adult i have never been treated for it- just have to try to focus that much harder.  i'm currently on meds for anxiety and depression and i'm wondering if i'm starting backwards.  should i be getting treament for the ADD first and then see if the anxiety and depression continue.  
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