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Okay I have been on the same dose of Xanax for nine years now and my doctor doesn't want to up it because he doesn't want me taking more than that. But I feel anxious all the time and usually double up on it and always run out of my script ten or twelve days early. Does anyone have any suggestion on what I could take along with the Xanax or something different all together. Should I try a different doctor maybe a psychiatrist . Do you think they could understand this better. I am just sick and tired of this anxious feeling all the time and my doctor isn't seeming like they want to help. Uhh
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The begining effect of them has long since worn off. Hence you are having to double up on them to get the same effect you once did. That's xanax for you. You should talk to your doctor about maybe coming off them. Getting something that would last a full day and you can also get something to take as needed. It would be a long road. But worth it for you. I am wondering how you last the 12 without them? You are bound to experience bad withdrawls effects. Which would be making your anxiety a lot worse. Thus meaning the tablets would be not working. He is right to not increase the dose. Give it another year and you will probably be doubling up on the newer dose if he did do that. Speak to him about coming off them and going on something longer lasting. Just see what he has to say. I am surprised he hasn't suggested this by now himself. Good luck to you with it.
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Xanax should only be prescribed for short term use.........4 months or less. After that time it will lose it's efficacy is controlling your panic. What is happening to you now, 9 YEARS down the road is that the Xanax has totally stopped working for you and is, in fact, now causing the anxiety, which is probably more severe than when you first began taking it. You are essentially taking Xanax to stave off withdrawl symptoms, nothing else! It long ago stopped working to control your panic.
Xanax is by far one of the most difficult benzos to w/d from and most GPs don't have a clue how to do it safely. I would strongly urge and advise you to seek out the help of a PMM. (Psychiatric Medication Manager) who will work with you to create a taper program that you can tolerate. If it is decided that you still need to be on an anti-anxiety med, discuss being switched to a long term benzo like Klonopin. During your taper from the Xanax, each time you "step out" a dose of Xanax, you will "step in" a dose of Klonopin until you are eventually on nothing but the Klonopin. It is every bit as effective as Xanax at controling panic and will not lose it's efficacy. Expect this process to take many MONTHS! But it is the only SAFE way and the least "painful" way of making the cross over.
If you've been told or have heard about the Ashton method of using Valium to replace the Xanax, please be advised that Valium is a mild anti-ANXIETY medication used primary as a smooth muscle relaxant and is not a replacement drug for PANIC disorders.
PMMs can be located in almost all psychiatric clinics, hospitals or your doctor should be able to refer you to one.
Please do not attempt to w/d on your own.
If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to post again.
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I went 12 hours without taken xanax and the withdrawls effects were crazy. She is finding herself running out 12 days in advance. Wondering what she does for those 12 days? That would cause major anxiety. Then to jump back on them. That is just stopping the withdrawls till you run out again. I doubt if it even stops the full effects of the withdrawls of going 12 days without. That is why you are much worse off. And better off changing over to something new. You got some good advise above. How it is all done. Not easy. But can be done. Might have to be done to control your anxiety. Which I think may have got worse.
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