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Am i suffering from Anxiety?

I recently had a HIV encounter.... Many people told me that it was a NO RISK encounter (Basically i kissed a girl after she may have given a boy a ********) some people said they may be a small risk so il went for tests etc to try and put my mind at rest...
I got a 12 week negative test result a few weeks ago and was starting to feel better as ive learnt that an 84 day (12 week) Rapid HIV test is conclusive but for some reason the worry is still there... :S
Some days im fine then other days i start to worry like "Oh what if my tests where wrong" etc, I know that it sounds stupid...

Ive been thinking about over and over and the more i think about the more stupid i feel i mean read this and see what you think;

1. The Male would have to be HIV +
2. The girl would have to give him a ** (Im just going on what ive heard from other people)
3. He would of have to ejaculated inside her mouth
4. She would have to not either Spit or Swallow the semen
5. I was talking to her for a good 1-2 mins before she kissed me goodbye so the virus would have to survive in her       mouth (She came down from upstairs to say goodbye)
6. I would need to have an open cut on my lip as we didnt use tongues etc

Test results;

7. My HIV DUO test result at 6 weeks was negative
8. My Rapid HIV test result at 7 weeks was negative
9. My Rapid HIV test result at 9 weeks was negative
10. My Rapid HIV test result at 12 weeks was negative

As you can see it sounds stupid but sometimes i start to worry about this encounter, Half of me wants to move on but the other half of me wants to go and test again (When deep down i know that 12 weeks is conclusive)

I was just wondering Am i suffering from Anxiety? Do i need professional help? Can anyone on here help me?

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Yes, it is definitely anxiety....you are being irrational in your worries.  You just gave her a little kiss on the lips?  I would say that your chance of HIV is zero....also you have been tested and it is negative.

Anxiety tends to manifest itself in many different ways.  I thought I had HIV also...and it was the same as yours...totally impossible.  Then once that was done, I thought I had a brain tumor...then MS, then Lupus..and the list went on and on.  When you continually insist that there is something wrong with you even though there is no reason for it to be possible then you are dealing with health anxiety and possible depression...I know, I have been there.  Please seek out a psychologist to talk out your feelings.  Best to you.
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Ok, Im fine when im around Family or Friends i only seem to start to worry when im by myself with nothing to do...

And yes it was only a brief kiss on the lips The HIV prevention Community told me it was a NO risk but i still went for a test, No tongues where involved (Well i didnt open my mouth) and i have tested NEGATIVE at 6,7,9,12 weeks....
Its just sometimes all the worry comes back :(
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You are fine! Trust me. You are HIV negative. Be happy and try to put this behind you.
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I cannot believe how common it is!  I have a horrible HIV fear too and Ive worried myself to death and i never even had an enconter!  I assumed an infection was HIV (stupid, i know)

I dont know what it is about HIV that makes us do this.  A lot of people get like that.  I do the same thing when I am alone and bored, I worry worry worry.  I have meds and I seek therapy.  are u constantly looking it up on the web?   I have has depression for years and now anxiety.  
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Like i said i only seem to worry when im alone and yes i do look on forums etc...
However i find that when i took a test the worry would then go away but then about a week/ 2 weeks later it would come back.... :(

When im with friends or family etc all the worry dissapears??
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sounds like anxiety to me. Have you thought to talk to a real life tharapist about what you shared here?  Maybe the root of your anxiety has nothing to do with the thought of having HIV. Maybe there are deeper feelings that you need to face.  The fear of having HIV even though proven negative is only the the surface.
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Wow cheers MJ really make me feel good lol :p "Just the Surface...."
The only reson im still not over this HIV scare is beacuse ive read that it can take up to 6 months, Mind you i have also been told that information is out of date; (http://www.freedomhealth.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=769)
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I experienced the same thing I had a low risk encounter where the condom broke and was negative a year later now that that is over I'm busy convincing myself I have brain cancer these forums help me cope a lot and the lonliness feeling is really relatable I was actually more independent before the HIV "scare"
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hey there, i started having the hiv fear about 2 years ago, paid out a fortune, test after test, finally belived i was negative, then came the headaches, convinced i brain tumor,or bleed, got over that and then came the ms fear, this totally controls my life. im sure i have the symptons, weak, tired wobblry legsm achin arms and neck blah blah blah, doc says anxitey, neuro say the same...........any one know how im ever gonna live my life and plan the future, im desperste for another baby but to scared to plan..............help! xxx
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hello all, I want to say all I am suffering from is the anxiety to. I had protected vaginal and unprotected fellatio, I had cold sores and I kissed her. my 88 day 2 week EIA came back neg and my rapid at 100 days read negative. I heard that some of the rapids are junk and not to trust them. then I heard from alot of people that they are fda approved and very reliable, I am doubting my results because I have never acted that way, I'v only been with 3 girls sexually and she is the only one I am worried about. I am having a hard time getting over this, I mean do these tests pick up ALL infections if they are there and do I need to see a doctor?
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I replied to your PM....read it.  I think it will shed light on these testing fears.

You should be able to see from the replies in this thread from the people who have struggled with HIV Anxiety for YEARS.  I keep telling you to not let that happen...to address the anxiety with a professional before you end up like others do.

It simply is not rational to still be worried about something when you have overwhelming proof that you do NOT have HIV....not to mention, you were never at risk in the first place.  HIV is not like the common cold, or the flu...it requires a set of near-perfect circumstances to allow for transmission.

Time to put this behind you once and for all!!!!
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