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Anxiety, un-balanced, and pressure in my head and ears... Help

Hi there,
i have just noticed this forum today and was hoping someone could give me some advice.This is going to be long.. Four years ago i started to have servere dizzyness it would last for about 5 to 10 seconds, my ears would feel blocked and my head felt so much pressure and then it would dissapear. I was under the E/N/T specialist for 2 years and had various tests, such as balance, MRI scan and a nerves test and all came back o.k. I was taking medication for Menieres Disease for 18 months but this did nothing and now after all this time i am starting to have Anxiety Attacks constantly thinking about my breathing and feel like i am hyperventilating slightly. I have started to take beta blockers for the anxitey but it does not seem to help. The dizzy episodes are more like an unbalanced feeling, things are not spinning but they do seem to move slightly and if i try to walk i walk like i am drunk. I am thinking of trying Hopi ear candles to see if it can help my balance. I am sure unless i can find out what is causing me to feel pressure in my head and ears and also off balance i will always suffer from this anxiety.

Any suggestions are greatfully received.
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wow am sorry your going through that , it to long to have to suffer anxiety, ive been going through my own right now to. i dont have the pressure but i do have the ears/head tingling and hot feeling . its no fun and unless you get it under control it will be with you a while ive had mine about week/half trying get over it. if you have been checked out by a dr and they know its nothing elsa but stress than maybe you can get some meds just help you get through it, i have some and it helps but dont take it away you have to tell yourself your ok and it will go away . thats what am waiting on for it to dispear. what bb are you . am on timolol it does not help with anxiety. good luck hold head , hope your day is better today
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Hey there,

Just wanted to let you know that I myself have anxiety and also frequent pvc's. I just wanted to tell you that yes... i have experienced the whole dizziness, nausea, and pressure in my head and ears. I am not sure if the anxiety/pvc's caused this, but i went to the ER twice thinking it was a brain tumor or something, and everything checked out fine. But, then one day....every time I moved my head or layed down, I would get the feeling like I had drank too much, (alcohol) and had the same feeling like you do when you get so drunk that you feel the room spinning, and falling. (Except I hadn't drunk anything) It freaked me out and I went to the ER again. All they did was check my eyes and ears, and layed me down on the stretcher, and did a few "body rotations" with me. They said that the "crystals" in the tubes in your ears can sometimes become off balance, and cause you to have vertigo (dizziness) and tension around your head and ears. They layed me on the stretcher with my whole body except my head I had to hang off of the back of it. I had to look straight at the ceiling for about 30 seconds, then tilt my head as far back as i could just enough to see what was directly behind me. Try and focus on one spot for 30 seconds. Then turn your body to the right side, and lay on your shoulder and hip/leg, and focus directly on one thing in front of you as well for 30 seconds. Go back to lying on your back, and focusing on the ceiling, and then tilt your head behind you again for 30 , and then try your left side. Do this about 3 times, and see if it helps any. This is one way to even out the "crystals" that have become unbalanced. This may not be your case, but it is definitely worth trying. Let me know how it goes. Oh, and make sure you are hanging your head off the bed, and the rest of your body is on it. Good Luck! :) I hope this works for you, and if you feel a falling sensation.... don't be afraid, it is just rebalancing you. Weird huh?
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I've had anxiety for 7 years now and I too get the dizzy feeling with a pressure in my head and blocked ears.  The head pressure feels like a combination of a head-rush, and like a balloon being blown up in my head.  The blocked ears sounds like I'm earing ear muffs and sometimes that is accompanied by a whine that kind of sounds like a computer.  It usually heppens when I stand after sitting for a while, but has happened a few times when sitting as well.  When it happens I feel like I'm either going to pass out or fall down.  I've had this for atleast five years, and after all my tests my doc told me it was just another symptom of anxiety.  I know you're worried about it.  I still worry about it too, even tho deep down I know it's caused by the chemical imbalance anxiety sufferers have.  I hope knowing that someone else with long standing generalized anxiety has the same symptom is of comfort to you.  I hope you feel better soon!!
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how long does the pressure in the head usually last btw? just curious as i get something similiar kind of like a heaviness/tightness at different spots on my head.  My lip even starts to twitch when i lie down now!
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Dear Friends,
Thank you for all your comments and support, i like yourselves get very frustrated at times but it is nice to know that people are willing to listen. I will certainly try the balancing idea, if  i recall when i first went to the E/N/T department they did try this method but they did not hang my head over the end of the bed. I can,t help but think it is somethink more serious even thoughthey have done 2 MRI scans. I can't believe that anxiety can cause so many syphtoms specially pressure in my ear and head and feeling so dizzy. Oh, the dizzyness as i said earlier in my previous statement last for approx 5 to 10 sec with a ringing in both ears and then my left ears sound like white noise (distorted tv).

Chin up people.
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anyone know if drinking makes it worse the next day :P ?
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