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Hello everyone,

I am about at my wit's end with this anxiety I have been experiencing.  I've suffered from anxiety all of my life, but the worst onset came a little over eight years ago.  It started with a goofy head feeling, which I now know is dissociation, rapid heartbeat, and nausea.  I was prescribed Paxil, then Effexor, but my body couldn't tolerate either one of them.  Finally, I was put on Lexapro and the drug did wonders for my body.  I was able to live a normal life, fly for the first time, and even managed to get through my dad's death without bouts of anxiety.  Before I got to this point, though, I ended up giving up my job, and spent about two months in bed.  I'm nearly to that point again, but this time, I have no idea why.  

Around Christmastime I began experiencing the same feelings of dissociation and nausea, but now that's subsided and I basically feel anxious all the time.  I saw a therapist for two months and she kicked me out of therapy because she couldn't find any rhyme or reason to the anxiety.  I just began seeing a new therapist who has classifed me as having Anxiety NOS (not otherwise specified).  My doctor prescribed me Zoloft, which I will begin taking this weekend, but I'm terrified to go through changing drugs again.  I will, as I know it can help, but I'm wondering if there is anybody else out there who feels this way.  I feel anxious whether I'm at home, at the store, work, anywhere.  It's definitely worse in public, but even when I'm sitting on the couch watching TV I'm axnious.  I can't find anything to distract my mind anymore or to help me relax.  Does anybody have any advice?  
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Anxiety hits me at any given moment, whether I am home or in public.  It is worse when I am out of my home.  I hope the Zoloft works!  I just started it and can't wait for it to kick in, so I can kick-anxietys-butt!  ;)  GOOD LUCK!
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I have no advise, but am in the same boat. I grew up with severe anxiety and did not know how to seek out help. It hit me even worse eight months ago. After three and a half months went on meds that seemed to help. I have been weening off and at two days with nothing, I feel like I am loosing it. Everything jumps the anxiety up. I feel like my body is humming non-stop with it. I hate the need to be on the meds, but will have to restart. I took a clonazapam an hour ago, with just a little relief. I still can't settle down enough to sleep. Nothing triggered the anxiety months ago or now. I am feeling really upset over it. I hope you find some relief.
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Im in the same boat! That 'Goofy Head' feeling is driving me crazy! Its hard to explain.. The anxiety is just terrible it just hits me in waves and comes and goes..But I started the generic Zoloft a few days ago so i cant wait for it to start working, I hope it does! I cant stand living like this, just wanna feel normal again.
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You sound just like me!  Do you ever feel that way outside?  I've had that feeling ever since I was a kid on and off, but not to the extent that I do now.  Have you had any side effects from Zoloft?  Today is day one for me.  Here's hoping it works for both of us!  

I've never been able to describe the goofy head feeling either.  Sometimes I feel like everything is really distorted...like I am unproportional in size compared to other people or the room, yet my vision is fine.  I started seeing a new therapist and she described it as things feeling closer or farther away than what they really are, or larger and smaller, and to an extent that's true.  Have you tried Xanax?  It's the only thing that's ever calmed me enough to make me feel better, but it doesn't make the goofy feeling entirely go away.
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