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Anxiety and Alchohol

I used to drink alot of alchohol but after suffering from very bad anxiety and panic attacks after a summer of drinking I decided to cut down. I am 19 and in college and not drinking is simply not an option for me so I have decided to do some research on alchohol and anxiety.

Since I have drank for many years without gettin panic attacks or anxiety I wondered why it would suddenly just come on. I know it happened after I spent a full month drinking alot of alchohol. So I discovered that my nervous system was over stimulated, the alchohol had caused this. So I am now not going to drink for a few weeks and I am going to acupuncture to calm my nervous system down, while taking herbs to help calm my nervous system down and clear my anxiety, I am also going to do regular exercise and stay away from all stimulants. I plan to do this for around 4 weeks and then go back to my old drinkin habits(3-4 times a week) which I never had problems with before.

My theory is that drinking too much over-stimulated my nervous system, so that by calming down my nervous system it will return to a level where it can handle alchohol like it used to.

If anyone else has/is tring anything similar to this I would like to hear how they go on?
Also I would like to heard what people think of my theory? I will keep posts about how I am getting on with my experement !
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Well you seem to know all the answers Grasshopper. Only one thing you missed out on. This is a forum for people with problems. We don't post ways for people to go out and get smashed out of their skulls. Can't see how your so called experiement will help anybody at all. Just your excuse to drink and tell the world about it.
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Yeah, that sounds like a real good idea- to have a full makeover of your brain with natural remedies, regular exercise and even acupuncture so you can prepare it thoroughly to become submerged in alcohol again.  
Maybe, while you're undergoing that course of treatment you should also make someone check that your frontal lobes are ok?
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you're 19 but you've already been drinking for a really long time....

sounds to me like anxiety should be the very least of your worries. perhaps if you decide to do something about your situation, you'll make your way to the substance abuse forum. alcohol is a CNS depressant, not stimulant.

in research i've done, i've found that barbiturate and alcohol addiction are very similar to each other. i wouldn't know first hand because i've never been addicted to alcohol...but i can tell you that if they are alike, your life will be ruined if you don't drop the habbit for good. the sooner the better.
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i sort of know what you mean tbh,
i used to enjoy drinking ALOT. but ever since i started gettin anxiety attacks i cant drink without making it worse the next day feels the worse obviously
i just dont enjoy drinking anyore
but tbh cutting down drinking isnt a bad thing so in a way its a good side effect from panic attacks i have began to think getting wasted and not nowing what i am doing anymore pointless altho i would like to enjoy the occasional drink again from time to time
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Trust me I still have problems with my anxiety and panic, this is the reason I am trying this out. I have read many forums about people who said that they really enjoy drinking alchohol but cant anymore due to getting panic attacks and anxiety the day after drinking. I am just testing to see if there is a way to cure panic and go back to a normal life which includes drinking and I am very confident it will work.

And no I am in no way addicted to alchohol I drink when I want and often dont drink for weeks at a time, but I am a student in college and drinking is a major part of the socialising and enjoyment of college and it is something I am determined to return to without getting anxiety and panic the following day.
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Yes alchohol is a depresant which is why people dont feel anxious while under the influence of alchohol, the fact that it is a depresant means that when the effect of alchohol wears off it causes over-stimulation of the nervous system which is why people feel bad the day after drinking.
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I understand that drinking and collage goes together, and by all means if you think your plans will help your situation try it ....but im sure your anxiety will return weather your drinking or not, you just need to be carefull that you dont use the driking to forget about your anxiety... I understand how hard it is to tell peers that your not drinking,i always found that people looked at you like you were strange.

When i first started suffering from anxiety i really felt the need to give up drinking and did for 6 months after i got control over the attacks i decided to slowly introduce it back..and guess what the anxiety come back..

I think every thing happens for a reason and maybe you should take this as a sign and start working on yourself and dealing with your issues now before that get out of control...you yourself knows that somethings not quiet right so now is the time to act....
Your friend if they are your friends will understand and respect your decision not to drink not only could your anxiety disappear but think of all the money you'll save

You dont need alchol do have fun

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So let us pretend, in all your intelligence, you find a cure in your odd ways. Sharing it would / might only only encourage others to try the same thing. That is my point. We do get a lot of alcohol related questions. The last thing we want to do is say ' yes, go drink, if you do it this way '. Most of these people are on medication were alcohol should be avoided. Why head back down a more dangerous road that they might have just got off? If people want to know your methods keep it to your profile. Like a blog. That way those who want to read it can. I just don't think it is good for the forum. Just my opinion.
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Yes, the OP may not be on the right path.  When I was 19, I experienced problems related to alcohol and never for one moment thought that alcohol was the cause for my problems.  Life experience is what taught me that.  If she does indeed have a problem with alcohol she will discover that in due time.

As far as posting on here?  Obviously, she is noticing something and seeking answers.  If we don't question we don't learn.  However, in MY opinion, I don't think it's helpful at all to jump down her throat for it.  Her intent was not to harm anyone else.

Simply educating her would have been enough, and offering advice to someone who is seeking it is the kind thing to do.  It's kind of strange to accuse her of potentially sending someone off down the wrong path just by her post, when she is seeking answers herself.  Who knows how she may respond emotionally by being treated unkindly by others who share the same issues she has?

Responsible posting, and responsible responses!
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Mr Green,....give it a break!  Everyone knows that limiting alcohol intake will fix the problem, but some of us want to know what the initial prblem is!  Not everyone who drinks, faints the next day!  I think anxious people, or people with high adrenaline already, who over drink are beting their CNS to hell.  Take melatonin to sleep, if you wake up after drinking in the middle of the night take a kaswaghanda.  Make sure you are taking a GABA, since these feel like the beginning of seizures (that actually arent seizures), GABA helps nuro transmitters.  Doctors and ******* people want to say , "stop drinking", hydrate or take a perscribed happy pill.....which you can do, but to answr your questions as to WHYYYYY, this is happening....
It is not sugar probs, heart probs or anxiety alone, the anxiety is setting in after you get the wierd sensations.  Your adrenal/CNS needs alot of love and care...maybe go to a neurologist and NOT a GP who will give you some crapshot answer because he/she really dont know.
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our natural anxiety, mixed with the effects of binge drinking (what it is doing to our CNS) is the combo problem.
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I had same thing for 5 years and it just recently ended. And you won't believe what causes it. There's someone on your lines, a 'friend' who is nullifying you. You know who they are, the one who, if you had the guts, you would befriend in a half second. They are controlling and ruining your life without you even realizing it. Could even be a girlfriend or 'friend' or both. Your nervous system in 'overloaded'. Sub-consciously your nervous system is under constant defense which causes vitamin deficiencies and many other problems I'm sure. Anyway, 'grew a pair' and told a few acquaintances that I don't want anything to do with them any longer. And voilà , problem solved. It may take a few disconnections until enough stress is relieved for a recovery but your life will be 1000 times funner/happier....you won't believe the difference. Push thru the fear, that's what the suppressive people use to control you....all shadows. Besides, the worst that could happen is they kick your *** for leaving them (which I doubt as people like this are usually cowards) but that's far better than a lifetime of ruin (panic and anxiety). Good luck everyone !!
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