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Anxiety and my sleep

I am wondering why and how to control my anxiety. but foremost im having alot of trouble sleeping these days, and i feel like my vision is also being affected....sometimes this will be blurry or words will appear to be melting downwards...so im wondering if that has something to do with it?
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Try not to feel like that. Although it may feel like it, its not hopeless. I have been at a horrible state and I am better. There is hope, and help. The more you focus on trying to sleep the harder it will be to actually get to sleep. Try counting by 8's. If you lose focus, restart. Dont concentrate on anything other than counting by 8's. It takes practice but like everything else with time and patience you can learn to shut of your brain at night and fall asleep.
Please keep me updated
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It could have something to do with it.  Try taking Nyquil once in a while before you go to bed...not all the time, but if you are desperate for sleep it works.  Have you talked to a psychiatrist? They can reccommend a lot of helpful things to deal with and control your anxiety.  
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I would talk to your doctor, If you are not already make sure you are exercising at least 30 minutes each day, preferably earlier in the day, avoid caffeine, eating after 8, try a relaxing bath, music and any other things that relax you. Those things may help until you get in to talk to your doctor. I feel your pain. I have had trouble sleeping for almost 2 years. I was prescribed meds that worked wonders and I think I may need my dose adjusted.
good luck
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I do normally try and have baths and what not..but Im just so fed up because, this feeling is there everyday all day, and sometimes i swear i get dizzy when i sleep and stop breathing for a second cuz i soon after wake up. I just feel hopeless, absolutely hopeless.
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Well, I went to the doctor and he gave me a new anti depression medication (cymbalta)...a month supply anyway....but I still feel right anxt out and just CANT relax for the life of me...and when I do, Im only relaxed for a short amount of time. Ive only been on them for a week now and im going from 30 miligrams to 60 tonight. im not sure if depression medication will help my anxiety, but im more depressed with everyday that i wake up and still feel like ****. ive been trying hard to be positive and change the way i think but its so difficult. The only time im happy and relaxed is when i drink, and i feel i have been letting it take over, but i rely on it, even if its bad, i get atleast a few hours of releif. im worried it will become a problem and i think for my next doctors app im going to tell him whats happening. i drank alot before but i now i feel that i NEED to drink. ive been missing alot of school because of lack of motivation and stress of having another panic attack or major anxiety. im so scared things wont go back to normal for me. im lost.
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It will take some time for the medication to work. I do not know alot about Cymbalta. I am glad you saw the doctor. Did he have any other suggestions for you? I really hope that you are able to resist the urge to drink. It isnt going to help things especially with being on medication. You may need something that can help with the anxiety as its happening like a benzo(ativan, klonopin etc) I would get back to your doctor and just stress how bad its affecting school and that you have the urge to drink etc. Dont give up, keep pushing until the work on something that is helping you!
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omg i just found this site and im so happy i did cos i feel just like u , drinking, feeling run down and so on,,, iv not been to the docs yet but i do need to, i feel like somethigs holding me back from going...
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For the past 2 weeks I have been waking up in the middle of the night and go into a full blown panic attack. I have a lot of stress in my life as of late job and home it’s showing up late at night.

I have in the past called someone talked for a bit then I was able to get back feeling ok and get some sleep and that I am not going to die. I know what it is I know what is happing I just need to talk with someone with out everyone thinking I am a nut.

On Monday I have a Doctors appointment so I can start getting thing back to normal. My question is there any helpline so I can call someone and just talk to another human when this happens. I may not need to call just having a good number that would be good just to know its there.
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