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Anxiety and weird symptoms

I am new here, been reading the comments and feeling relieved that I am not alone. I have been having all these weird symptoms for last 2 years now. Those days I was very stressed and worn out physically and emotionally due to some problems going on in life.

Then one morning when I was driving to work, I had those racing thoughts after a restless night, I suddenly started feeling like I was about to pass out. Sudden palpitations started with shortness of breath, hot flashes, blurry eyes, extreme pressure in the neck, shoulders and head. I was in the middle of driving on highway and felt like i was going to lose my control. It scared me to death. I ended up in the ER. No body knew what kind of episode was this and I was not able to explain. They did all kind of blood tests but every thing was ok except for high BP. My physical workup continued til 1 and half years which included tons of blood work, EKG, EEG, CT scans, MRIs and all came back normal and nothing was diagnosed properly... and I continued to have all these above symptoms with all their intensity making my doctors confused.

one thing I noticed when I had those intense episodes was that I felt like some kinda liquid was being released into my brain along with the extreme pressure in neck and back of the head and racing thoughts which was a very scary feeling. It would make me very restless and scared like the brain was melting or something.
It was never diagnosed that what kind of feeling was that. I still feel it sometimes when I get a very intense episode but not very often like before. Thank God.

Its very hard to explain but I am sure somebody here would be able to relate.

Please let me know does these weird things happen in an anxiety attack?

Now only thing i am still worried and fighting for is the anxiety and panic During driving. I can not drive. I somehow manage to drive on small streets but CAN'T drive on roads or highways at all. It triggers my nervousness and same extreme symptoms as soon as I see the road or a traffic light. Is it because of the fear of very first episode happened on the road? how to overcome.. Please help!

Anybody else in this situation?
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You are not alone. Everything you just mentioned has been proven to be normal for people with anxiety. I have anxiety as well and I experience some of those things. Anxiety is something you can't understand unless you have it, and have experienced a full on anxiety attack. Anxiety attacks can make you feel sick and like you're going to lose your mind, by as my therapist assured me, I can assure you your health is fine and you will not lose your mind. You just have to breathe through it and tell yourself everything will be okay, because it will!!
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Thankyou so much sabreezzyy... your comments are really reassuring. Do you think I should see a psychologist? would it help me any better?
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