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Anxiety or something else? (bowel habits, lightheadedness, weight loss)

- Wake up EVERY morning w/ strong bowel urgency, 99% of time loose stools. Sometimes blood on toilet paper w/ pinching feeling as stool released. Going on for 3 yrs, incidentally after being treated 4 sinus infection with antibiotics.
- Unexplained weight loss. Currently ~ pound/day for the last week, but have seen other times in the past few yrs that I have lost weight. Only started measuring at work daily the last week so this may have been happening longer.Still have good appetite.
- Constant lightheadedness/slightly off balance, started a few months ago. No real pattern, it is always there from morning til night, sometimes more intense, sometimes less.
- Tested with: digital rec. exam, 2 upper GI series, lower GI barium enema, 2 CBCs, sigmoid, stool culture for parasites, abdominal x-ray.
- history of stomach ulcers, but didn't really have common ulcer symptoms.
- blood on toilet paper probably due to fissures (told by gastro)
- bowel habits and lightheadedness attributed to anxiety by GP. I do feel anxious alot, but i thought it was mostly from these health issues, a paradoxical situation? Did my anxiety about my previous bowel problems manifest into the newer problems?

concerned i may have following conditions:
- Celiac disease
- Hyperthyroidism (i've heard that premature graying hair is an early sign, i've had grays since grade 4, but mother also grayed early)
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i have same bathroom habits when am in anxiety have been going on 8 weeks so know how you feel, yes i feel lightheaded sometimes, just dont feel good somedays like yesterday, felt tingling in ears/head had hot flushes  didnt eat ive lost 19 pds last 7 weeks sick stomack so yes i can relate. like me you going have to work through it , i have pills but hate taking them , i might give into the pills for a few weeks see if  can get passed this, i am going to talk to a dr monday see if she can help me get passed it . wish you luck. get it under control dont let it take over your like . barbara
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thanks for the reply. my concern is though that im losing weight despite still eating the same amount of food. can anxiety cause you to lose weight even if you're eating the same food?

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Hi, i do go the bathroom when Im very anxious, then I feel lightheaded and I lost 5 pounds so don't worry anxiety to do alot to you.you are going to be fine.....
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yes it can ive done it , it seems when your anxiety you burn up what you eat .my husband was anxiety over a job even though he was eating the same he was loing weight he lost 15 pds in 3 weeks himself, it did come back when he got another  job. but always check with your dr , he can tell you whats going on . have a great day
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"concerned i may have following conditions:
- Celiac disease
- Hyperthyroidism "

Have you tried a gluten-free diet?  If you have celiac disease, avoiding gluten (found in wheat, rye, barley etc.) will be an effective "treatment".
Simple blood tests can determine whether you have hyperthyroidism - do you present with any of the other symptoms of hyperthyroidism?

"thanks for the reply. my concern is though that im losing weight despite still eating the same amount of food. can anxiety cause you to lose weight even if you're eating the same food? "

Unexplained weight loss warrants a trip to the doctor to find the underlying cause.  Anxiety, can indeed, cause weight loss without any modification in dietary habits.  Are you being treated for the anxiety?  That would be a good place to start and its entirely possible your symptoms will subside once your anxiety is managed (of course this could be a "paradoxical situation" as you say).  

Lightheadiness and loose stools are also common anxiety symptoms however, since you have had loose stools for 3 years you may have a bowel disorder.  Has IBS w/ diarrhea been considered?

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