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Anxiety or something more serious??

Hi everyone, I really need some help and advice. I'm 16 years old, healthy, a little overweight but not badly. About 1 month and a bit ago, I was diagnosed with vertigo because I was getting dizzy when I sat down. But I got very worried about that because I have a massive fear of dying. Anyway that seems to have cleared up now. A couple of weeks ago, I was on holiday and every little symptom I had made me anxious. I know have been having very bad belly ache, so bad, I keep losing my appetite. Two weeks ago, I started getting tingling in my hands and feet and now weird sensations in the right side of my head. I am so scared, like it feels like something is crawling on my head and someone is applying pressure. It occurs everyday, it comes and it goes and when I get anxious it gets worse. i'm so scared, literally, it sounds silly but I end up in tears over it because I fear I have a brain tumour and stuff. I've had blood tests done and they were clear. Is it anxiety or something serious? Please help me!
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Seem like classic anxiety symtoms to me iv had anxiety and panic attacks since I was around 4 and im now 22 its scary not knowing whats going on with your body and im awaiting cbt its best to get it sorted soon as your symptoms sound mild which is a good thing the worries are normal not one minute in the day im not worried I had dizzyness for a year I walked into people and all sorts it was vertigo and it will go I hope you feel better soon
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I have same thing.. I found out it's allergies to chemicals...u r like me so don't touch chemicals..sprays smell chemicals.. and watch your food.. pay attention to how u feel after u eat touch something. I just cleaned Windows with vinager and20 min later I skin crawling foot numb a mess...I got diagnosed with pennicillin plus fungi.. I was around bug spray.. stay clear of all chemicals. Just use natural stuff. I can't even touch dawn soap..lavender helps calm u. Don't touch dryer sheets et
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Thanks for your response, I'm so glad someone else thinks it is anxiety too! And im so sorry you've had anxiety for 18 years! Hope they've given some medication or some treatment for it? Just wondering, have you ever got weird head sensations because they're really scary, mine seem to occur everyday but ease off and sort of disappear when I'm distracted. Any advice or help for this? I would be so grateful and I hope you get better :)
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Hi thanks for your response, I will enquire about this to my doctor the next time I see him.  Although, I do not think it is allergy related, I don't seem to be numb at all and the doctor did tests but thanks anyway
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