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Hi there,

I am kind of person who always get worry easily. Therefore, I would like to know the symptoms to have anxiety.
Recently, I am worry about get HIV infected even we did have condom on. But, I think it would be due to my anxiety.
I feel bit tired, heartbeat increase out of sudden, whole body feel hot, some red spot appear on my skin and disappear within few minutes of time, stomachache, heart not feeling well.

Thank you!
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Symptoms of anxiety/panic can vary greatly from person to person, but below is a list of some of the more common (and accepted) manifestations:

Overwhelming fear of impending doom
Chest pains
Shortness of breath or feeling smothered
Palpitations or increased heart rate
A sensation of choking
Feelings of "unreality," strangeness or detachment from the environment
Numbness/tingling in hands or feet, or around mouth
Chills or flushing
Feeling certain you are about to die
Fear you are going "insane"

It sounds to me like you have some very classic symptoms of anxiety and I would recommend you speak with your doctor about them. They will rule out any underlying cause for these feelings before they arrive at a diagnosis of anxiety/panic. (Which is highly treatable)

I also believe your fear of having contracted HIV is due to your anxiety. You used a condom, so I believe there is nothing to worry about. HIV is actualy much more difficult to contract than people think, but this would be another issue to discuss with your doctor. If it is causing you a great deal of worry, get yourself tested and then BELIEVE the results!

See your doctor and get the help you need.
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Thank you Greenlydia ! I think I will go for a body check up too make sure am healthy. But, the HIV is will usually develop 6 weeks time. Therefore, how should I know whether the result is accurate or not.

I am kind of worry person. I feel sad and sometime will feel better out of sudden. From, what i read , as long as have protected sex, they will be very very low risk, but i still afraid for the bias/error of the condom.

I cannot stop thinking about that. Like every night, I have trouble to sleep. Even i sleep and i still feel bit tired when i woke up.

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