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Bad social anxiety. sweat, face blushing. HELP

  Like the title says, I have social anxiety. Its at its worst when I'm at work. My Dr had prescribed me ativan and Zoloft. It didn't work and I'm off of those now. I need help.

  My job as a technician, fixing machines at a manufacturing facility, I get nervous whenever a machine breaks down and the alarm goes off. That's when I have to go and fix it. Since its on an assembly line, there are people that work on the machines. And when they break down, I have to fix it. I feel as its all eyes on me. Even when they are not looking, I feel as if they are staring at me and makes me nervous. So nervous that I start to sweat and my face turns red.
  Idk why this happens to me. Its really embarrassing. Does anyone know how to overcome this?. Thank you in advance.
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I would recommend counseling. A therapist could help understand your anxiety and techniques on how to deal with it and overcome it.  
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My doctor had also mentioned counseling is another option and could work effectively. I will look into that. Thank you for your help.
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Hey, I have social anxiety too and I take propranalol, 1-3 tabs per day, according to how nervous I get. When I know beforehand that I'm gonna be in a situation where a lot of people will be looking at me I take 1 tab already in the morning. It helps a lot. Besides my doctor says that propranalol is very safe. I've been using it for 6 years now. The best thing about it is that since thank's to it I've manage to control the physical symptoms (no more red face nor shaking) and that way I've gained a lot of self confidence and I don't get so nervous anymore.
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