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Buspar vs. Lexapro side effects

I started out on Lexapro for anxiety. Absolutely loved the way I felt on it.  Had sexual side effects and gained some weight but I am not positive is from the Lexapro but I think may be.  The Dr gave me Effexor which knocked me out for 3 days, slept 36 hours straight, then Celexa which I broke out in a rash all over my body from. He tried Wellbutrin but that did nothing. I didn't lose weight on it like some people do. I decided I didn't want to keep trying all these different things since I get such severe side effects and that since the Effexor worked so well I'd have to live with the sexual side effect. The Dr kept me on Wellbutrin to offset any weight gain.

Can Wellbutrin offset any weight gain even if I wasn't losing weight on it?

Anyway, I was at my regular internist this week and updated him on what the other Dr had done.  He suggested Buspar since it doesn't cause either side effect. I am wondering if this is true why the original Dr didn't suggest this. From what I've read it sounds like the perfect solution. Whats the downside?  I hate to keep switching if I don't have to but I'm really terrified to gain more weight and it would be nice to be able to orgasm!
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Oh, and I went back on the Lexapro at a low dose, only half a day. Is it less likely I'd gain weight on a lesser dosage or does it not work that way?
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I didn't do very well at all on lexapro it made me feel like i wasn't myself. but everything works diffentially on everyone..
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Sometimes life comes with trade offs. Depending on your age, could be a hormone prob too. As for weight, good luck. I've been on them all and have gained weight on all. I have come to the conclusion that fat is preferable to checking out early from bipolarism.
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I had bad side effects on buspar but I think I'm a minority.  I had to go off because the side effects were worse than the anxiety itself.  I had the sweats, metallic taste, brain zaps, weak, dizzy, tired, vivid nightmares.
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