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Can I take my second SSRI dose close together if I take the first dose late?

I took my Luvox this afternoon too late, and I'm curious if it's safe to take my second dose which is my nighttime dose in the next hour or so. My Luvox doses are 400mg each. 400mg in day, 400mg at night.

I took my first dose at 4:00PM which is really late (It needs to be before 10AM to work the best) and I would be taking my second dose in the next hour or so which would only be 5 hours apart.
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Honestly, I would just skip it and resume your normal dosing schedule in the am.  You are on a every 12 hour schedule, and it would be one thing if it were just off by a little, but you are off by 6, 7 hours..  Not that it would harm you in any way, but you may end up with a few unpleasant side effects, especially since you're dosing twice daily.

If you find yourself frequently forgetting to take a dose...then find a way to remind yourself.  Put the Rx bottle by your coffee pot (or OJ glass, etc)...or most cell phones now have the alarm feature that you could set a daily alarm to go off at your dose time, or even a bit before.
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typically, this would be a question for your doctor or a pharmacist. walgreens almost always are open 24 hours a day and can answer questions like yours. as trival as it may seem to skip a dose...you still have to understand that the vast majority of people in this forum aren't qualified in any way to answer that question.
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