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Celexa & Wellbutrin

I had been taking Celexa (a low dosage) for approximately 1 year, but did not like having absolutely no sex drive, so I had my doctor switch me to Wellbutrin SR (150 mg). She warned me that it may not take care of my anxiety issues like Celexa did, but at that point I didn't care.  Well, now I have been on Wellbutrin SR for 2 weeks and my anxiety is back.  I would like to take the Celexa in the evenings since it makes me drowsy and keep taking the Wellbutrin during the day since it gives me energy. The weight gain issue isn't an issue with me because I gain weight no matter what (probably has something to do with lack of exercise and lots o'food)! Anyway, I have no history of poor tolerance of any types of anti-depressants / anxiety medications and I would just like a combination of something to help with my anxiety/depression without wiping me out and these two meds seem like they would work for me, I just don't want to end up getting sick if they are not supposed to be combined. Thanks
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A call to your doc would answer your questions. As a support board, no one here is qualified to answer your questions.
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I think Ryan might know.
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Yup......but is he qualified.....
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